Imlie 13th October 2022 Spoiler Chini breaks her marriage

Imlie 13th October 2022 Spoiler Chini breaks her marriage

Imlie 13th October 2022 Spoiler Chini breaks her marriage Atharv meets Chini to profess his feelings, but gets obstructed by the relatives. Imlie also wants to know Atharv’s feelings. He has no love for her. Imlie feels their relation is beautiful because they will know each other gradually. He can’t tell the truth to Imlie, that she is so good and honest. He feels he doesn’t deserve her honesty. He loves Chini and wants her in his life. Chini has no idea about his feelings. They have a moment during her photoshoot. She asks him to tell Imlie that he doesn’t want to marry her if he isn’t happy. She asks Atharv to say if he wants to say something. He fails to communicate.

Later, Chini overhears Atharv confessing his feelings about her. Atharv worries that things will get complicated, because its Chini’s marriage happening today. He realizes that she has no feelings for him. Chini apologizes to Imlie. Imlie asks her what does she mean. Chini asks Imlie to keep her golden fate. She is glad that she got Atharv’s love. Imlie wishes Chini’s happiness. She tells that she will write her own fate. She decides to call off her wedding.

Chini throws the garlands away and declares that she won’t get married to Jatin. She wasn’t happy with her marriage, and was feeling forced. She gets a big relief that Atharv has come in her fate. She doesn’t want to lose him. Atharv gets heartbroken for a while, and then hears Chini’s words. It comes as a big surprise for him. He gets befooled that she also loves him. Atharv stops on hearing her refusal. He gets hopeful to get Chini’s love. Imlie keeps a fast for Atharv on Karwachauth. She feels Atharv is her life partner. She learns about Atharv and Chini’s relationship.



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