Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update Arjun’s motive

Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update Arjun's motive

Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update Arjun’s motive Rishabh speaks his heart out to Preeta about Arjun. He clarifies that Arjun is interfering in his business and is aiming to snatch the deal. He is surprised that Shekhar didn’t keep his dad’s word and wants to revise the deal. He tells that Shekhar might be right if they see just business, but Arjun is making it personal. He tells that Arjun is making things tough for them. He tells that he will make it tough for Arjun to snatch this deal. Rishabh gives his best to get the deal from Shekhar. Preeta sees personal enmity in Arjun’s move and wonders what does Arjun want from them, why is he after ruining Rishabh. Rishabh prepares himself to give a tough fight to Arjun.

Earlier in the show, Maasa asks the family members and guests to come for Karwa Maa katha on time. She delays their meeting. Rakhi and Shrishti observe the Karwachauth rituals in the Luthra house.

Karan gets a room in front of Rishabh and Preeta’s room. He refuses to take the room. Servant tells that they have no extra room left. Rishabh asks Preeta to take rest, he will settle the things. She asks him why did Shekhar call them when the deal was final, why is Arjun interfering in the business. Rishabh tells that Shekhar has regarded his dad’s decision as null and void, he is considering Arjun’s proposal, his intention has changed, he is just seeing profits. He tells that its not easy that Arjun wants to snatch the deal from them.


Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update Arjun’s motive:

Rishabh tells Preeta that he trusts his talents and hardwork, he just has one request that she doesn’t think much and take stress, she should enjoy her day and celebrate the Karwachauth. He wants her to be stress free. She agrees. Sameer wants Karwachauth to come often in a year. Shrishti asks him what does he mean to say. He tells that he pities her that she is hungry, but he is liking it that she is keeping quiet. She tells that she will break her fast in some time and then eat food to gain energy and fight with him. Sameer doesn’t want to anger her.

Rakhi finds Shrishti upset. She asks her to wait for some hours, then they will break the fast and have the food together. Rakhi, Bani and Mahesh cheer up Kritika. Mahesh jokes that Kritika didn’t ruin anyone’s life, she is a kind girl. Rakhi catches him joking on wives and marriage. Mahesh tells that he was complimenting her beauty. Kareena calls it a lie. Rakhi catches Mahesh’s lie too. She tells that Mahesh and Rishabh can’t lie. Bani asks Rakhi to read out Karwa Maa katha for them. Rakhi wants to talk to Preeta and Rishabh first and then join them.

Rakhi calls Preeta and informs about the rituals being done at home. Preeta tells that she is going to observe the same rituals along with Maasa and her bahu. Rishabh tells Rakhi that Preeta is absolutely fine. Rakhi asks him to take good care of Preeta. She doesn’t want Preeta to feel lonely. Rishabh tells that he will not leave Preeta alone, he will take good care of her. Maasa calls Rishabh and Preeta for the puja. A lady meets Preeta and blesses her to be a Suhaagan always. Preeta and Rishabh see each other. Karan hears this and is angered that Rishabh has killed Preeta’s husband and married her.

He tells that he is Preeta’s husband and he is still alive. Rishabh tells Shekhar that he isn’t upset, Arjun and he don’t bond well sometimes. Shekhar calls their bonding strange. He tells that there is much difference in reality and perception, those who fight have love between them. Maasa asks the girls to listen to the Karwa Maa Katha. Preeta hears the story and gets reminded of Karan’s death. Karan and Rishabh also witness the tale, and recollect the crocodile attack. The lady tells that a Suhaagan’s sindoor and Mangalsutra have power to save her husband’s life from Yamraj. Karan wonders why didn’t Preeta save him, Preeta had intended to kill him.

Preeta and Rishabh perform the puja together. Karan gets upset watching them happy. Preeta faces Karan. The flower petals start pouring on them. Rishabh watches them from far. The servant apologizes for slipping and dropping the flowers down. Karan stays restless. He gets Anjali’s call. He tells her that he is okay, he doesn’t need anyone. She asks him the reason for his tension. He tells that Preeta is in front of his eyes. She doesn’t believe it. He tells that Rishabh and Preeta are also in the palace. He regrets that Preeta didn’t pray for his long life, she was his wife, she tried to kill him, she hates him so much and just acted of loving him, she is dual faced.

He feels really hurt seeing Preeta. Anjali asks him to calm down. He tells that the battle is on, he will either win or lose. Anjali thinks to reach him. Karan wants Rishabh to see the fire that’s blazing in his heart. He decides to not let Rishabh gain all the happiness. Preeta wonders why she always sees Arjun around. She is confused that he plans such things desperately. She sees Karan at the staircase and avoids him. Her saree cloth gets stuck in his watch. He apologizes. She asks him not to touch the saree, she will lose her temper if the saree gets damaged.

She further suggests him to remove his watch and give it to her. He tells that he will try and not damage the saree. He removes the saree cloth from his watch and asks her to get happy, its safe. She asks him is he following her. She taunts that he has nothing else left in his life. He tells that she is right, she has snatched everything from him already. His statement leaves her perplexed.

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