Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th October 2022 Rudra Prisha wedding

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th October 2022 Rudra Prisha wedding

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th October 2022 Rudra Prisha wedding Rudraksh and Prisha celebrate the Karwachauth together, after getting Armaan punished for his crimes. Armaan divorces Prisha and frees her from the unwanted relation. Armaan’s behavior leaves them confused. Rudraksh doesn’t want Prisha to worry about Armaan. They focus on Pihu. She misunderstands Vidyut. She accuses him for misbehaving with Pihu. Vidyut clarifies that his intention wasn’t bad, it was just a mistake. Rudraksh asks Prisha to forget Pihu, and just focus on her hubby. He tells that they have met after a long time, they should spend good romantic time together. They get hindered by Ruhi and Saaransh.

The kids make Rudraksh out of the room, when Rudraksh asks them to leave. Rudraksh wants to sleep in his room. He tells that Prisha is his wife. The kids tell that they aren’t married, they will not stay together until they get married again. Rudraksh refuses to listen to them. They scare him of Sharda and pull Rudraksh off the bed. They ask Rudraksh to leave, else they will call Sharda. Rudraksh agrees to go away. He asks Prisha to not miss him a lot. The kids drag him out of the room. Rudraksh calls them wrong. Rudraksh gets a good news that Prisha and Armaan’s divorce will get final soon.

He wants to marry Prisha at the earliest. Sharda gets the close mahurat. Rudraksh and Prisha decide to marry after two days. He tells that he is enough of the marriage functions, the marriage will happen directly. The family gets excited. Pihu informs Digvijay that Rudraksh and Prisha are getting married in two days. Digvijay gets this bad news to Armaan. Armaan isn’t tense. He tells that everything can change in two days. Digvijay asks him what is he plotting. Armaan replies that he will know it soon. Rudraksh waits for Prisha. Sharda asks him why is he worried, is he worried for the marriage. Armaan gives a note to Prisha to change her mind. Prisha is shocked to read the note. She wonders how her marriage will happen with Rudraksh.


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