Anupama 20th October 2022 Upcoming Truth for Anuj

Anupama 20th October 2022 Upcoming Truth for Anuj

Anupama 20th October 2022 Upcoming Truth for Anuj Vanraj learns Pakhi and Adhik’s affair news. He is shocked and furious to know about it. He decides to punish Adhik. Adhik soon meets them to explain that Pakhi and he didn’t cross any line. Vanraj bashes up Adhik and asks him how dare he play with Shah family respect. This turns out to be Anupama’s imagination. Vanraj can’t believe it when Pakhi declares that she wants to marry Adhik. She tells that she loves Adhik, she will marry him even if the family doesn’t bless her. Vanraj feels his children are punishing him by walking on a wrong path. He rebukes Pakhi for cheating his trust. She tells that she didn’t do anything wrong.

He asks her how could she meet Adhik when he asked her to never talk to Adhik. He tells that she is too wrong, its not Anupama and his mistake that the children lost track. Vanraj asks Samar to do something that proves his parents as the worst parents of the world. He regrets that Pakhi didn’t understand his warning. He tells that he will not forgive Adhik. Barkha and Ankush ask Anuj to explain Vanraj. They defend Adhik. Vanraj tells that he won’t listen to anyone. Pakhi tells that its her mistake too, Adhik didn’t force her to stay at the resort. Vanraj stops Kavya and Anupama from stopping him.

Anupama tells that Pakhi should be punished too, when the mistake is done by both of them. She tells that he can decide being Pakhi’s father, but decide without any partiality. Leela takes a shocking decision. She tells Vanraj that nothing will happen if they publicize their mistake. She asks Vanraj and Anupama to get Pakhi married to Adhik. Leela wants to save the family respect. Anupama tells that Pakhi is young, her studies are incomplete. Leela tells that Pakhi has to marry Adhik. Adhik admits the truth in front of Anuj, that it was all Barkha’s plan to use Pakhi and get the entire Kapadia empire in their hands. Anuj is shocked to learn Barkha’s evil motives.


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