Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta Preeta and Rishabh head to the terrace for breaking the Karwachauth fast. Preeta feels tired and dizzy while sighting the moon and performing the rituals. She sights the moon, but fails to sight Rishabh’s face next. She faints down and falls down to the lower floor. Karan happens to hear Rishabh’s scream. Rishabh panics for Preeta’s life. Luckily, she gets saved when Karan runs and holds Preeta in arms. Karan gets Preeta to consciousness and then feeds her the water. She opens her eyes and sees his face first. He breaks her fast. Preeran complete the Karwachauth rituals unknowingly. One of the guest asks if Arjun is Preeta’s husband, because he fed her the water and broke her Karwachauth fast. Karan and Preeta are stunned to hear this, and so is Rishabh. Rishabh dismisses the gossip and thanks Arjun for saving Preeta’s life in the nick of time.

Earlier in the show, Shrishti feels love for Sameer, and hugs him. He asks her what happened to her suddenly. She tells that she is feeling for him. Rakhi informs them about the moon visibility. They rush to open the fast. Prithvi reaches home. He wonders who has broken the things in his house. He thinks Sherlyn did this in anger. He finds Sherlyn crying. He asks her who has hurt her. She tells that this happened because of Rishabh and Arjun. He asks if Rishabh and Arjun came to hurt her. She tells that the goon has come to ask for money, Prithvi failed to get the money because of Rishabh and Arjun. She asks him to take revenge on them. She tells that she wants him to make Rishabh and Arjun cry. He promises her that he will ruin Rishabh and Arjun.

Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta:


Karan watches Rishabh and Preeta performing the Karwachauth rituals. He thinks Preeta and his love and relation were a beautiful life, he didn’t get anything after marrying her, Preeta kept the fasts for his long life and then conspired to kill him, she has cheated him. He remembers their last Karwachauth. Preeta feels weak and dizzy while performing the rituals. Karan gets upset watching them. Preeta sights the moon. She remembers Karan and her Karwachauth. Preeta faints down, standing near the edge of the railing. She doesn’t see Rishabh’s face. Rishabh shouts when she falls down. Karan rushes to hold her in arms.

She gets saved miraculously. Rishabh runs downstairs to see her, but gets late. Karan feeds the water to Preeta and gets her to consciousness. Karan asks her is she okay, he is with her, she will be okay now. The ladies ask if Arjun is Preeta’s husband. Rakhi and Shrishti also complete their fasting period, and break the fast after sighting the moon. Bani asks them to come to her and take blessings, along with gifts. Kritika feels strange and lonely. Kareena asks her to understand that she can stay happy without marriage too. Kritika is heartbroken. Kareena tells that Kritika has no happiness.

She feels she is tolerating Preeta and Shrishti. Rakhi asks Mahesh for his phone to call Preeta and bless her. She calls Preeta and Rishabh, and gets both the numbers not reachable. Sameer tells that Rishabh will call back once he checks their message. Mahesh drops a message for Rishabh. Preeta gets away from Karan and stumbles. Rishabh holds Preeta and asks her is she okay. He asks Shekhar to call a doctor for Preeta. Radhika takes Preeta to the room to make her rest. Rishabh thanks Arjun for saving Preeta’s life. Karan tells that Rishabh should have saved Preeta and held her hand to stop her from falling down.

He asks him what kind of husband is he. Rishabh thanks him and tells that he does care for Preeta. He doesn’t want to argue with Arjun. Shekhar also thanks Arjun. Rishabh meets Preeta. She tells that she is okay, she doesn’t need a doctor. He admits his feelings, that he was scared of losing her. He tells that he felt he can’t live without Kavya, he is thankful that Preeta gave him a daughter, Kavya changed his life, but even Preeta is important, he can’t live without her, he can’t imagine his life without her. He tells that he has seen that fear from close today, she is his family, he needs her like the entire family needs her.

He tells her that she has brought the willingness to live, he wants to live his life for her sake. She asks him to promise that she won’t leave him and go. He makes her promise. She feels glad that he has given her so much importance. She asks him not to worry. He takes care of her. Karan recalls Preeta. He stops his heart from beating for Preeta, who cheated him and hated him. He wants to hate Preeta. He tells that he isn’t dead, he is Karan, Preeta’s husband, he has kept the ritual and broke his wife’s fast. He doesn’t want Rishabh to take his place. Anjali calls Karan and asks him what happened, why is he sounding upset. He tells her that Rishabh is careless, Preeta fell down and could have died.

He adds that he saved Preeta’s life, he will do wrong with Rishabh and Preeta, he will hurt them and ruin their lives, he won’t let anyone else hurt them or ruin their lives. Karan decides to not let Preeta complete the rituals with Rishabh. He wants Preeta to be his wife and complete the rituals in his presence. He learns that the dinner is ready. Karan asks Maasa if dinner is sent to everyone. Radhika asks if he is asking about Rishabh and Preeta. Maasa tells that Rishabh should feed the food to Preeta by his hands. Karan wants to feed Preeta by his hands, but feels its really impossible. He gets an idea of taking a disguise. He pays a man and gets a waiter’s costume. Karan takes disguise and gets the food plate to take to Preeta’s room.

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