Kundali Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update Attack twist

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Kavya in danger

Kundali Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update Attack twist Prithvi promises Sherlyn that he will take revenge but he needs time. She threatens him of ending her life. He promises to heal her wounds by hurting their enemies’ hearts. He decides to kidnap Kavya, who has become Arjun’s weakness too, along with the Luthras. He tells that he will demand a huge ransom and then hurt the Luthras. She asks him when will he do this. He tells that he will do this today, he will kidnap Kavya from her school and demand crores from Luthras and Arjun. She wants Arjun and Rishabh to get much hurt. He tells that he will take revenge very soon. Kavya meets Arjun on the way to her school.

Karan hugs her and tells that he missed her a lot. She shares her chocolate with him and tells that she loves him a lot. She asks him not to tell Rishabh about the chocolate. He asks her to study well. The terrorists blast the place. They get chased by the police. A shootout begins and innocent people get injured. The terrorists plan to kidnap the school children. They enter Kavya’s school and get the teaching staff and children at gunpoint. Police tells the media that terrorists are heartless, they don’t care about old people or children.

Kavya is at the library with her friend. Prithvi finds Kavya and gets happy. She asks him who is he. He tells that he is Rishabh’s friend, her dad has come to the school. He takes her with him. Rishabh scolds Sameer and the staff for their negligence. He tells that Arjun isn’t overconfident like them, Arjun deserves the project. He wants his dream project back. He tells that he has worked hard for this project, he will make changes in the project proposal and bag it back from Shekhar. Kavya asks Prithvi to leave her.


She runs to the terrorists to take help. Prithvi hides when he sees the terrorists. Kavya gets into an argument with the terrorists. Teacher secures Kavya and asks her to come with her. Kavya doesn’t stop her mischief and irritates the terrorists. Prithvi finds her daring. The terrorist threatens Kavya. Biji and Janki argue, and seek Preeta’s help. Janki plays the tv., but they miss to see the breaking news of terrorists attack on Kavya’s school.

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