Kundali Bhagya 25th October 2022 Written Update Rescue track

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Kavya in danger

Kundali Bhagya 25th October 2022 Written Update Rescue track The terrorist calls the inspector and orders him to let Raja come inside, else he will kill the hostages. Inspector angrily allows Raja and Vishnu to go inside. Media asks Inspector to answer them, why did he allow the goons inside. Rishabh and Sameer worriedly drive to the school. Sameer asks him to drive carefully. Rishabh asks him to call the commissioner. He asks Sameer not to inform Preeta, who is already sick. He tells that he should call Kritika and ask her to keep the TVs off. Karan reaches the school and asks about the progress. Inspector asks him who is he to ask about the rescue operation. Karan tells that his friend’s child is stuck inside.

Preeta reaches there and asks about her daughter. Inspector asks constable to take the parents aside. Preeta and Karan argue with the police to get an answer. The terrorists scare the kids and ask them to keep silence. Bani asks the family to save Kavya. They are still stuck in the traffic. Preeta tells that she will go and save Kavya. Karan asks her if she is going to office to call Rishabh. She asks him not to take Rishabh’s name. She warns him against stopping her. Karan asks constable to stop Preeta from taking any wrong step. He runs after Preeta. Prithvi hides from the terrorists.

He calls Sherlyn. She asks him about kidnapping Kavya, did he succeed or not. He informs her about the huge trouble. She doesn’t think its anything new. He tells that he almost kidnapped Kavya, but she ran away by biting his hand. He tells her about the terrorist attack at the school. He adds that terrorists have caught Kavya, Luthras have a bad fate, terrorists will not spare Kavya, they are already irritated by her nonsense talks. He asks her to expect good news soon. She tells that she will come there and see Luthras crying.


He asks her to come. Karan finds Preeta jumping over the school gate. He asks her what is she doing. She tells that she is trying to save Kavya. He tells that he also came for the same task. He helps her get inside the gate. He sees a terrorist, and saves Preeta from getting caught. He asks her to be careful, else she might get shot. Rishabh and Sameer reach the school. Rishabh speaks to the commissioner to get an assurance that nothing will happen to the kids. Kavya doesn’t stop her mischief. Teacher asks her not to do anything to invite troubles. Kavya gives them an idea to make chalk power and throw over the terrorists’ face to blind them.

The kids make the chalk powder and use it to blind the bad men. They all try to escape. Rishabh asks Inspector to allow him to go inside, his daughter is stuck inside. He asks the media to be responsible and not trouble the worried parents. Inspector tells that Preeta had also come here and wanted to go inside. Rishabh grows worried and looks for Preeta. He feels she has gone inside, if the family comes here, then nobody can stop them. He asks Sameer to stop the family members. He also looks for some alternate way.

Karan and Preeta look for Kavya. She asks why is he calling out Kavya, if he came for someone else. They see the kids and ask about Kavya. Prithvi finds Preeta and Arjun in the school, and wonders what type of enmity do they have that they are always together. Raja and Vishnu learn that the kids have escaped. Terrorist asks them to find Kavya, who has assisted everyone to escape. Luthras reach the school and argue with the Inspector. Shrishti tries getting an entry inside the school, but gets blocked by the police.

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