Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Update Daring Karan

Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Update Daring Karan

Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Update Daring Karan The terrorists laugh at Prithvi for his nonsense lecture. He asks them to use their mind and learn from his confidence, he knows everything, how the kids fooled them and ran away. He adds that the school is for kids from rich and influential families. He advises them to kidnap the kid who can help them fulfil their demands. He tells that he knows the entry and exit points of the school, he will not help them if they spoil his mood. He asks them to pay him respect and then join hands with him.

The terrorists apologize to him. Prithvi joins hands with them, being helpless for his revenge motive. He thinks to never cheat the country. He just wants to kidnap Kavya. Rishabh and Karan are still looking for Kavya. Inspector stops Rishabh from taking such a big risk. He tells that media is taking his interview and paying him respect, he shouldn’t take risk and put others at risk. Rishabh tells that he is taking the risk for the sake of his daughter, he is a father first and then a businessman.

Inspector tells that his policemen will enter the school as teachers, and then find out the happenings inside. He promises that police will handle the matter. He takes Rishabh with him. Karan gets caught by the terrorist. He apologizes and tells that he won’t say anything to the police. Terrorist takes him at gun point. Karan hopes that the terrorist takes him to Kavya. How will Karan and Preeta save Kavya’s life from the big danger? Keep reading.


Prithvi demands a huge ransom of 20 crores from Rishabh. He tells that Kavya is in his custody, and she will die if Rishabh doesn’t pay the amount. Karan and Preeta are also caught by the terrorists. Prithvi wears a mask and hides his face from them, but leads the terrorists gang to take his revenge on Arjun and Rishabh, in order to fulfil his promise to Sherlyn. Preeta hugs Kavya and cries. Sherlyn tries to brainwash Luthras against Preeta and Shrishti. She tells that she is worried for Rishabh, whose life is in danger. She asks why don’t they worry for Rishabh, what magic did Preeta and Shrishti cast on them. She adds that she misses Rishabh and values him a lot.

Kareena asks her about Prithvi. Sherlyn gets speechless. Kareena asks her to say about Prithvi and her relation. Prithvi asks Arjun why did he take such a big risk for Kavya, what is their relation. Karan angrily shouts that Kavya is his daughter. Rishabh, Preeta and Luthras hear Arjun’s statement and are left shocked.

Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Update Daring Karan:

The terrorists want Prithvi to be on their side, because he has madness and passion in him. Prithvi wears a black mask and comes in front of them. He tells that he doesn’t want his identity to get known to anyone. He asks them to wear masks too. They tell that their faces are already exposed. Prithvi tells that he doesn’t care if they want to show their face to the world. He asks them to not talk in a loud tone and be careful, until they find out where the kids are hiding. Preeta asks the kids not to make any noise. The kids scream. Prithvi finds out their hideout. He sees Arjun caught by the terrorist.

He thinks if Arjun became his partner, then he would have stood by him. Preeta, Kavya and the kids get caught by the terrorists. Prithvi makes an entry and sees Preeta. The terrorist threatens Kavya. Preeta protects her daughter. Prithvi finds Preeta brave. He likes her a lot and praises her. Preeta requests the terrorists to spare the kids. The terrorists tie them up. Karan is also brought there. Kavya is glad to see Karan. She asks him to take action against them. Karan tells that he will get into action soon.

Preeta asks did he also get caught. He tells that it was his plan to reach Kavya. She doesn’t believe it. He asks Kavya not to get scared. Kavya tells that she isn’t scared because they are with her. Prithvi threatens them and asks them to keep quiet. He cares for Preeta when she coughs and asks if she wants water. Karan identifies him and calls out Prithvi. Sherlyn asks the reporters to stop troubling the Luthras. She tells that she is worried for Rishabh, she wants to save him, because she cares for him, she is his ex-wife. Shrishti asks Kareena to stop Sherlyn’s drama.

She tells that she will put an end to Sherlyn’s fake love drama. She pulls back Sherlyn and asks her is she missing Rishabh, when she got married to Prithvi. She lectures Sherlyn for not being a good human being. Sherlyn asks the family why don’t they understand that Rishabh’s life is in danger. She tells that she misses Rishabh and worries for his life. She taunts them about Preeta and Shrishti. Kareena asks her about Prithvi. Prithvi acts and asks who is Prithvi. He denies his identity.

The terrorist realizes that Prithvi is Arjun and Preeta’s enemy, and has got personal reasons to take revenge on them. Karan asks Prithvi why is he wearing the mask if he isn’t Prithvi. He calls him a coward. Prithvi shouts. He asks Arjun not to insult him. Karan jokes on him further and angers him. Prithvi pushes him away. He asks him not to anger him. Preeta asks Prithvi what enmity does he have with them. Prithvi asks who is Arjun to her, they both are on bad terms, why does she worry for Arjun so much. Preeta and Karan get doubtful hearing him.

Kareena asks Sherlyn to have some shame and get lost. Sherlyn tells that they might have lost their minds. Kareena rebukes her for cheating Rishabh. Sherlyn tells that Preeta did magic on them. She asks them to think of Rishabh. Rakhi tells that she completely trusts Preeta. She warns Sherlyn. She tells that Preeta can never be wrong. She loves Preeta a lot. She asks Sherlyn what happened to her, that she came to show her love for Rishabh. She reprimands Sherlyn. She is proud that Rishabh has gone inside to save his daughter. She tells that Rishabh will save Kavya. Bani tells that they all love Kavya. Sameer asks Sherlyn to get lost. Shrishti asks him to scold Sherlyn more.

Sameer tells that Sherlyn is talking nonsense. Rishabh comes to the family. Sherlyn sees Rishabh and really cares for him. She wants to get him back at any cost. Karan asks Prithvi how does he know about them. Preeta tells that Kavya is getting scared. Karan asks Kavya not to get scared of bad people. Preeta asks him not to show much bravery. Karan asks Kavya to hug him and become super strong. Prithvi tells that Kavya is Preeta’s daughter, Preeta is Rishabh’s wife, who is Arjun in their story. Karan scolds him in anger. He insults Prithvi by doubting him. Prithvi asks Arjun to say the truth, who is he. Karan asks why is he asking when he knew all about his Kundali. Prithvi laughs. He spreads his terror.

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