Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update Aaliya exposed

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update Aaliya exposed

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update Aaliya exposed Inspector Yamini talks to the family members separately to know the real story. She speaks to Vikram and Dida, and tells that Prachi is getting much love before, and then Prachi is getting attacked too, it means someone in the house doesn’t like her, someone hates her. She then talks to Sid and learns that not everyone in the family likes Prachi. Sid tells that there are family members who hate Prachi. She asks him if Prachi had a fight with those haters recently. Sid recalls. Yamini then meets Aaliya and Rhea, who cook up a story that they love Prachi. Aaliya tells that Prachi is just insecure, Prachi just thinks that Rhea is her favorite, she loves Rhea the most, but its nothing like that, she loves Prachi too.

She tries to make the story convincing. Yamini tells that she understood how much Aaliya loves Prachi. The police arrests the tailor. Yamini questions the tailor and asks who is Prachi’s enemy, who told him to make the explosive dupatta for Prachi. He tells that Aaliya told him to do so. Aaliya’s truth comes out. Her plan gets exposed in front of the family. Prachi seems the most shocked person, when she already knows to which level Aaliya and Rhea can go, after all the evil duo have kept Mihika captive to blackmail Sid.

Earlier in the show, Rhea acts sweet in front of Prachi, and just wants to tell her that Ranbir was taking good care of her. She indirectly proves that Ranbir is more worried about her. Rhea asks Ranbir to behave well with Prachi, like he behaves with her. Aaliya messages the tailor. Shahana asks Rhea if she wants Prachi not to feel special. They begin an argument. Vikram asks them to calm down for some time. Inspector Yamini meets them. She asks them to cooperate with her, and tell about the attack in detail. Ranbir introduces his family. He introduces Prachi as his wife. He tells that Prachi’s dupatta caught fire. Yamini asks why does he think it’s a conspiracy. He tells that the dupatta had blasted, he wants to know who has done this. She tells that it’s a crime, an attempt to murder. She asks about the guests list. She tells that she will interrogate them privately and find out who hates the family members the most. She asks Vikram and Dida to come first.


Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update Aaliya exposed:

Yamini tells Vikram and Dida that she wants to know if they have seen anything strange happening in the party. They tell that they didn’t see anything. Yamini asks is Prachi their favorite. Dida asks her to ask Prachi. She tells that she loves Prachi a lot. Vikram tells that he has a good bonding with Prachi, she is like his daughter. Yamini tells that she likes to see this bonding, Prachi is getting love in the family, and she got attacked too. She asks them not to tell anyone about their answers. She wants to question others and see the truth in their eyes. She asks them to send Sid. She doesn’t trust anyone and thinks to find out who has tried to kill Prachi. Ranbir tells Prachi that everything is happening for her sake.

She tells that he was behaving so angrily and accusing others. He apologizes to her for being so rude. He feels bad that he behaved in anger and scolded her. He calls her irresponsible and careless. She tells that she takes care, but sometimes it happens. She feels sorry. He also apologizes to her. He asks her to just take care of her. He tells that he always says sorry whenever he is at fault, but she never says it. He goes. Aryan calls someone. Shahana asks him why is he so worried after a phone call. He tells that its about Mili. She asks him what happened to Mili.

He doesn’t want her to judge him. She tells that she won’t judge anyone. She swears and asks him to share the problem. He tells that he can’t tell her anything. Sid tells Yamini that he really cares for Prachi and can never hurt her. She asks him about the person who dislikes Prachi. He thinks of Rhea. She asks him if Prachi had a fight with anyone. He feels worried for Mihika. He lies that Rhea loves Prachi as much as Prachi loves Rhea, they are sisters, they have little fights but can’t harm each other. She asks him to send Aaliya and Rhea. She feels he has hidden something.

Pallavi asks Aryan why is he tensed about the police enquiry. Aryan tells that he is okay. Shahana finds him disturbed. Dida asks her what is she thinking. Shahana tells that everyone looks worried. Vikram asks them to just answer the facts, inspector will check if their answers are different. Aryan asks what did Yamini ask him. Vikram tells that she asked if they like Prachi, if they are close to Prachi or not. Rhea gets tensed. Dida asks him not to say anything to anyone. Sid comes to them and tells what Yamini asked him. Dida asks him not to reveal the questions.

Sid asks Aaliya and Rhea to go, they are called inside. Yamini wants to find out who has tried to kill Prachi. Aaliya and Rhea meet Yamini. Rhea asks Yamini if she made a list of questions for them. Yamini asks shouldn’t she ask them anything. She asks them who loves Prachi the most. Rhea tells that she loves Prachi the most, because they are sisters. Aaliya tells that she loves Prachi, who is her niece. She tells about Pragya and Prachi’s background story. She adds that she loves both Prachi and Rhea equally. Yamini tells that she understood, even Prachi will understand her love one day.

She asks them about Prachi’s date of birth. She tells that Rhea and Prachi are twins, both will have the same date of birth. Aaliya and Rhea leave. Yamini doubts them. Pallavi asks Aaliya why is she so stressed. Aaliya tells that she is worried that this is happening on Diwali because of Prachi. She blames Prachi for spoiling the festive fun. Dida asks them to stop arguing. Pallavi and Vikram also join the argument. Pallavi vents anger on Sid, and tells that she is trying to sort out his life. Yamini tells that she will solve the matter, their time is precious and they should use it well.

Rhea asks her to talk to Prachi. She lies that she loves Prachi a lot. Yamini tells that she doesn’t doubt Ranbir and Prachi. She asks Aaliya for her phone. She checks the phone and asks did she message the tailor. Aaliya tells that the tailor made the dupattas. Yamini asks her to call the tailor and ask him to come home. Aaliya makes an excuse. Yamini calls him and asks him to reach Kohli house soon. Aaliya gets scared. Yamini asks them to arrange tea for her, while she waits for the tailor to come. Aaliya and Rhea get pale-faced.

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