Bhagya Lakshmi 29th October 2022 Written Update Rishi confronts

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th October 2022 Written Update Rishi confronts

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th October 2022 Written Update Rishi confronts Rishi tries to stop Malishka. She pushes him and he gets hit by a car. She worries for him. She finds him fine and leaves in a taxi. Rishi worries for her. She reaches home and sheds tears. Kiran asks Malishka why is she crying. Malishka tells that everything is happening because of Lakshmi. She regrets that Rishi and Dadi stopped her from keeping the fast. She tells that her love has no comparison with Lakshmi. She shouts on her fate. Kiran tells that when Lakshmi’s bad qualities come in front of Rishi, then Rishi will himself come to Malishka.

She asks Malishka to break Lakshmi’s fate. Malishka fears that Rishi will face danger. Kiran tells that Malishka is his savior. Malishka wants the Oberois to see that Lakshmi isn’t the ideal wife for Rishi. She asks Kiran the plan. Lakshmi waits for Rishi. She knows he is a true person and keeps every relation well, he can never hurt anyone. She doesn’t want to worry. Rishi comes to Malishka’s house. Balwinder sees him and hides. Rishi asks Kiran did Malishka come home. Kiran asks him the matter.

He tells about Malishka getting down the car and leaving in a cab, by pushing him on the road. Kiran thinks she is really mad, anything could have happened to her. Rishi tells that he will go and find Malishka. Balwinder finds Malishka is mad for Rishi, who is mad for Lakshmi. He feels irritated by their love triangle. Rishi stops when he sees Malishka in the house. Balwinder and Kiran get worried. Rishi asks Malishka did she go mad to push him and go away. He tells that he was scared for her. Malishka apologizes and hugs him. She tells that she didn’t wish to push him, she lost her senses in anger.


Malishka tells that she shouted Rishi when he got hit by the car, she worries for him, she really cares for him, but he doesn’t have any feelings for her. She tells that he told Lakshmi about his love feelings, that he can’t live without Lakshmi. She asks him can he say the same about her. She wants him to say it that he loves her and he worries for her. Balwinder drops a vase. Rishi hears the sound and asks her is anyone else there in the house. Malishka asks Rishi to say I love you to her once. Rishi goes to check. Kiran stops Rishi and Malishka. She asks Malishka did she go mad to try to commit suicide.

She scolds Malishka for punishing her. Rishi tells that its not Malishka’s mistake, she didn’t hurt her, she is okay. She asks Kiran to end this matter. Kiran asks him to just leave, because she has to talk to Malishka. Rishi makes a leave. Malishka gets angry seeing Balwinder. She beats him. He tells that he came to get water. She tells that he enjoyed a lot in her house, and now he has to leave. She asks him to just get out. He tells that their time isn’t passing, so they are beating him. He gives her a mantra. He tells that she is safe until he is safe.

She also gives him a mantra, she will be safe when she kills him. He goes back to the guest room. She tells that Rishi was going to tell I love you to her. Kiran asks her to thank her stars that they are safe. She tells that she loves her daughter a lot, and wants her safety. She hugs Malishka, who apologizes for risking her life. Shalu and Bani discuss about Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce. They don’t know how will things get fine for Rishi and Lakshmi. Shalu doesn’t want their divorce to happen, they stay with love. She is worried that Neelam is planning to get Rishi married to Malishka. She gets Ayush’s call and wonders why is he calling. Bani asks her to answer the call.

Ayush passes time talking to Shalu on call. He jokes that she isn’t keeping any fast tomorrow, or did she get married to someone. She jokes that she got married to him. Ayush gets puzzled. Rishi feels lucky to get a caring wife. Lakshmi feels lucky to get a sensible husband. They both admire each other and feel they are lucky. She tells that he is more sensible than her. He records her statement in his phone. She calls him smart and naughty.

He asks her not to keep any fast for his sake. He tells that Lakshmi always protects him, its like her forever fast. Ayush and Shalu’s cute banter goes on. He pities on her would be husband. Shalu taunts him back. He tells that he is thinking to keep a fast to get a nice girl. He flirts with her. Lakshmi tells Rishi that the fast makes her feel proud of a complete life, being Rishi’s wife. He agrees with her decision of keeping the fast.

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