Kundali Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update Angry confession

Kundali Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update Angry confession

Kundali Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update Angry confession Sherlyn asks Rishabh to listen to her. He asks her not to force that he gets rude towards her. He tells that he doesn’t want to misbehave with her. He asks her can’t she see that his daughter is in danger. She tells that there is danger inside. He asks her to let him die, and stop following him. She falls down and cries. He cares for her. He asks her to get up. She tells that nobody cares for her, but she regrets that his family doesn’t care for him. She tells him that Sanjana broke the relation with her when he broke their relation. She apologizes to him. He asks her not to say sorry, he doesn’t need any sorry. He tells that he regrets that she isn’t with her mom, he knows the pain of not being with a mother, but he isn’t in a position to help her.

He asks her to please stop coming after him, Kavya is in danger, he has a big thing to deal with. He tells that he can’t help her. He goes away. She tells that he is so caring and concerned, he is really loving, he melted his heart for her. She decides to get Rishabh back. Prithvi gets the hostages tied up. He sees the speakers there. He asks the terrorist for his phone. He tells that he is going to do their work. He asks him to connect the phone to the loud speaker. Inspector sends a policewoman in a teacher’s disguise.

Prithvi calls the inspector, and connects the phone to the speaker, to make everyone hear the conversation. He tells that he has connected the phone to the school’s loud speaker to make everyone know about their deal. He asks the Inspector to fulfill their demands and free the kids. He asks for a helicopter ride that will land in the city bank. Rishabh takes the phone and speaks to Prithvi. He asks Prithvi who is he. Prithvi asks who is he to interfere. He recognizes Rishabh. He tells that his daughter is also captive, if he wants her safe and fine, then he shall pay 20 crores.


Rishabh and the family receive a shock when Prithvi threatens him. Karan scolds Prithvi and warns him against harming Kavya. Rakhi tells that Arjun is also inside. Prithvi asks Karan who is Kavya to him, why did he take such a big risk. Karan shouts that Kavya is his daughter. Preeta looks at him. Prithvi tells that he means Kavya is like his daughter. Karan tells that Kavya is Rishabh’s daughter, but he loves her a lot. Rakhi finds Sherlyn around. Karan asks the terrorists to leave them, and keep their demands in front of the police. Rishabh asks Prithvi to leave them and not torture them, talk to the police. The terrorists tell that they got helpless to hide in the school, now they will keep his demands.

The policewoman reaches there and lies that she is a new teacher. The terrorist ties her up too. Rishabh asks Inspector what will he do now. He doesn’t want to tolerate this. He asks Inspector does he take the responsibility. Inspector tells that the teacher who went inside is an undercover agent, the plan has started and now they will get the details of the terrorists’ position. He tells that he can see everything happening in the school on the monitor, by the hidden camera carried by her. Sherlyn hears this and worriedly calls Prithvi. She informs him about the lady who just came inside, she is a policewoman, she is recording everything and showing it on the screen outside. He thanks her for giving him this crucial information. He tells that police and Luthras fooled him.

Sherlyn sees Raja and Vishnu. She asks them what are they doing here when they cheated Prithvi. Raja apologizes and tells that they will help Prithvi. She asks them to help Prithvi in kidnapping Kavya. She tells that nobody can help Luthras this time. The policewoman slides a blade towards Karan. Prithvi comes back to them and tells that he took time to find out the thief. Karan tries to cut off the rope. Prithvi catches the policewoman, and tells that he knows her truth that she is carrying a camera. She lies to him. He asks her not to lie and accept it. He tells that she is an undercover agent sent by the police to expose all of them. Prithvi forces her to give the camera. Karan cuts the rope and then passes the blade to Preeta. Preeta also begins to cut off the rope.

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