Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2022 Written Update Prachi’s affair

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2022 Written Update Prachi's affair

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2022 Written Update Prachi’s affair Aaliya and Rhea are happy to get miraculously saved by putting the entire blame on Pallavi. The family doesn’t question Pallavi much when Prachi initiates the trust showup on Pallavi. Aaliya hugs Rhea and assures that they will get rid of Prachi. Rhea suggests a plan of defaming Prachi. Aaliya gives her nod to the plan. She tells that they will defame Prachi so much that the defamation pulls down Kohli family too. The Kohlis meet for breakfast. Aaliya pretends good in front of them. She gets the newspaper.

She acts shocked on reading the news about Prachi’s affair with her husband’s cousin. She tells that its written that Kohli family’s Bahu Prachi is having an affair with Sid. This unexpected news shocks Prachi and Ranbir the most, followed by the rest of the family members. What new twists will come by Aaliya and Rhea’s new game of defaming Prachi? Will Ranbir take a stand for Prachi and stop her character assassination? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, The Kohlis get puzzled by the tailor’s dual blame on Aaliya and Pallavi. Shahana gives her opinion as she knows Aaliya is the culprit. Aaliya asks Shahana not to interfere in family matters. Aryan defends Shahana. Aaliya asks him to shut up. Vikram tells that Aaliya is frustrated, its okay that they are together and trust each other, they should go and take rest. Vikram asks about Ranbir. Sid tells that Ranbir has gone after the tailor. Vikram asks Prachi to take rest, nothing will happen, everything will soon get fine, they are with her. Prachi is glad to receive their love and faith.


Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2022 Written Update Prachi’s affair:

Prachi tells that she is happy and tension free when the family is with her. Vikram asks her to stay happy always. Pallavi goes away, upset that she got blamed. Vikram asks Prachi not to feel bad of Pallavi’s words. Shahana asks Aryan why did he lose his cool and argue with his mom. He tells that she won’t understand their issues. Prachi asks Dida to sleep. Dida asks Prachi did the tailor come, what did he say. Prachi tells that the tailor has blamed Aaliya and then Pallavi. She believes Pallavi, that Pallavi loves her and cares for her, though she doesn’t express it.

Dida tells that Prachi is really good, so she trusts everyone to be good. She calls Ranbir lucky to get Prachi in his life. Ranbir looks for the tailor, who comes into his sight. He follows the tailor, but the latter flees in a taxi. Yamini tells that they will find the tailor, because they know his details. She wants to find out the truth, because nothing is certain, his statement won’t prove anything, he blamed Aaliya first and then Pallavi. Ranbir thanks her. Yamini tells that she suspects Pallavi along with Aaliya, there are many secrets hidden in the family.

Shahana asks Aryan to just tell her the matter. He tells about Mili’s breakup. She asks why is he taking tension on someone’s breakup. Aryan tells that she won’t understand. Ranbir comes home and reveals that the tailor escaped. Rhea gets thankful that the tailor didn’t get caught. Prachi finds Ranbir’s hand wounded and takes care of him. She tells that he doesn’t know anything. He tells that he will get hurt and come to her again and again if she does the aid with so much love. Rhea gets enough of their romantic drama. He thanks Prachi for taking care of him so much. He gets glad.

Shahana asks Prachi to go after Ranbir and ask his meaning. Prachi goes after Ranbir. Shahana asks Aryan is he okay. Aryan doesn’t know what to say. Rhea meets Aaliya, who doesn’t want to hear any bad news. Aaliya tells that she wants a normal day, she is getting scared of Rhea’s silence. Rhea tells that she never gets a normal day, when she goes to save the plan, it gets worse. She asks Aaliya not to do anything against Prachi, no more plans, because Prachi is blessed, nobody can do any harm to Prachi. Aaliya asks her to not lose so soon, they will lose if they think so, else they will win if determined to win. Rhea asks Aaliya what will she do now. Aaliya calls someone to make a new plan against Prachi.

Rhea asks her if she will take help from outsiders. Aaliya tells that the taunts from outsiders are the most effective, Pallavi loves her family respect, she will get mad when she sees Prachi getting the unwanted defamation home, even Ranbir’s madness for Prachi can’t save the family name. Rhea tells that they shall spread the news even on news channels, so that Prachi gets totally defamed. Aaliya hugs her. She tells that they will defame Prachi and then Kohli family. She asks Rhea to give Prachi and Sid’s photos from the functions, those photos will create sparks. Rhea gets working on their plan.

Prachi finds Ranbir sleeping in a wrong position with his twisted leg. She goes to help him. He hugs her in arms. She feels happy. She doesn’t want to marry Sid, because she is carrying Ranbir’s child. She doesn’t want to save Mihika alone. She wants Ranbir to support her and solve this problem. She decides to tell him the truth about Mihika and Sid, why Sid is helpless. Prachi’s tear wakes up Ranbir. She gets away before he sees her. He asks her if she was in his arms. She denies it. She asks him to have a bath and come for breakfast. The family gets ready and gathers for the dining.

Vikram and Dida ask Pallavi is she okay, because she was also blamed. Pallavi tells that she is okay, she isn’t thinking anything. Vikram tells that Prachi is sensible, she didn’t suspect Pallavi, she didn’t get any misunderstanding. Pallavi tells that everybody knows her, Prachi also believes her. Vikram asks Priya to get the newspaper. Ranbir joins them. He also asks Pallavi is she okay. She asks him to just sit and stop asking. Ranbir smiles seeing Prachi. Aaliya tells Rhea that their good morning will start now. Priya gets the newspaper and hands it over to Vikram.

Vikram doesn’t see the picture and news. Aaliya tells that Vikram won’t tell anyone about the news. Rhea finds out that the news is circulated. Aaliya wants the family to check the breaking news. Dida and Pallavi to keep their phones down. Aaliya asks Vikram what is the news. She reveals to them about the shocking article about Prachi’s affair with Sid. The family is shocked to know this. Aaliya tells that Prachi is defamed by the news article, and even Kohlis lost their reputation. Rhea asks them if Prachi’s video is coming in any news app. The family is shocked to find Prachi’s name maligned. Rhea reads the dirty headlines and upsets Prachi.

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  1. Fed up of this shit now.alliyan rhea always getting away with their nasty disgusting crimes n conspiracies to plot more n more dangerous crimes.even pallavi gets away Scott free so these three idiots can insult n humiliate Prachi more n more.when will the crimes n degrading of women stop ektaa n company?


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