Kumkum Bhagya Prachi fights back 3rd November 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi fights back 3rd November 2022

Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi fights back for her respect and asks Rhea to get DNA test done to confirm the paternity of her child. She senses Rhea’s worry on her face and hopes all the truth will come out. Aaliya refuses to let Rhea get any test done. Prachi announces that she will not get married if Rhea didn’t get the test done. Pallavi decides to get Rhea’s test done the same day itself even if the report comes later. She tells that they can’t wait anymore, as Prachi might cancel her wedding with Sid, if the test is not done. Rhea fears of getting exposed. Ranbir is happy to know that Prachi is the mother of his baby, and shares his utmost happiness with her. Prachi is elated to hear Ranbir’s trust on her.

Saavi Ki Sawari : Nityam misunderstands Saavi yet again. Vedika shows the Ganesh and Lakshmi’s idols to Saavi before the Diwali puja. Saavi smiles. Brijesh comes there with the family and calls out Saavi. Saavi comes out running and sees Chattriprasad. She makes Swastik on it. The auto drivers who have come with Chattriprasad and Brijesh start dancing. Dimpy tells Himesh that today on Diwali Amavasya night, she will bring Amavasya in Saavi’s life. When all the auto drivers are leaving, when UD blames them for stealing for what they have come to steal and then hurrying up to leave. Saavi tries to defend the auto drivers. UD humiliates Saavi and says her identity is of Auto driver in their eyes. Saavi gets sad.

Pishachini: Pavitra defeats Rani and goes to the well to make an end to baby Pishach. She comes to Rani and asks her to leave from there. She makes it clear that the game which she had started, they are leading it, so it is better for her to leave. Rani gets angry. Everyone runs out of the house. Rani shocks everyone with her Pishachini avatar, as she is flying in the air in their backyard and announces that she is a Pishachini. She asks them to think of the incident which happened 20 years ago. All the family members get shocked.



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