Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Prachi awaits Rhea’s report

Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Prachi awaits Rhea's report

Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Prachi awaits Rhea’s report Rhea tells Aaliya that they have to make sure that when DNA test report comes home, we shall be careful that nobody shall get that report. Prachi tells Shahana that it is enough of mouse and cat game, either mouse will be hunted by cat or else will be trapped in the cage for forever. Prachi plans to expose Rhea anyhow and is not ready to spare her after whatever she has done with Mihika, Sid and her. Shahana tells Prachi that Ranbir is losing his calm. Prachi asks what happened. Sid returns and informs everyone where did he go. He says Ranbir is thinking that we are going to get married.

Prachi tells that everyone will know about Rhea and Aaliya’s doings, lies and betrayal. She says they will be exposed. She says everyone will know that they have kidnapped Mihika. She gives responsibility to Shahana to keep an eye on the door and tells that she shall get Rhea’s report and brings it to her. She asks Sid to pressurize Aaliya to bring Mihika there, so that she doesn’t think of report. She says today they can’t take any chances. Sid tells Aaliya and Rhea infront of Pallavi that he had decided if his sister don’t come for sangeet, then he will not complete the rituals and will get up midway and leave from there. Later Prachi warns Rhea that she can’t give her 10 or 15 days time like it happens in films. She doesn’t know such dramas. She says you have given me 15 days time to leave from home, and says I believe in action and not words. She says tonight I will expose your true face in front of everyone. Rhea looks on.

Earlier in the show, Dr. Preeti questions Rhea about her pregnancy and is about to check the previous (fake) reports. Rhea thinks she will be caught. Ranbir and Prachi are waiting outside Dr. Preeti’s cabin and they have a moment. Prachi says she might question him when truth comes out, and asks if he will answer like normal people or will question me. Ranbir says you will get the answers which you will like a lot. Rhea makes glass of water falls on Dr. Preeti’s table. Dr. Preeti goes out to throw the box and informs Ranbir that she will get the test done. Prachi thinks truth will be exposed. Pallavi gets worried seeing Sid missing.


Aaliya thinks she shall get him searched as tomorrow is marriage. Vikram comes there and sees the room messed up. Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea tells that she is in a big problem, Dr. Madhurima didn’t reach here and Ranbir and Prachi are sitting outside. She says she is in complete mess. Aaliya asks her to convince Ranbir that she will not get the test done by other doctor. Rhea asks Aaliya to call Dr. Madhurima and ask when is she coming. Aaliya is about to tell her about Sid. Rhea ends the call seeing Dr. Preeti coming back.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Prachi awaits Rhea’s report:

Aaliya calls Dr. Madhurima and asks when she will reach the hospital as Rhea went there for DNA test and panicking. Dr. Madhurima tells that she can’t reach there as she is stuck after her car stopped on the road. She tells that she couldn’t get even a lift. Aaliya calls Rhea and tells that she is going to be caught today, as Dr. Madhurima is stuck on the road. Rhea gets worried. Aaliya gives an idea to Rhea and asks her to talk to Doctor about her fake pregnancy. She suggests her to buy the doctor, but Rhea thinks otherwise. Aaliya is sure that anyone can be bought with money. Rhea ends the call and is about to tell Doctor about her fake pregnancy, when Prachi walks inside. Rhea goes to give the sample with the nurse.

Pallavi, Dida and Vikram seeing Sid’s messed up room. Pallavi asks Vikram to call Police. Vikram tells that phone is busy. Shahana is going from there and asks what has happened? Pallavi argues asking her not to ask them any questions. Dida tells Shahana that it seems someone kidnapped him. Vikram tells that seeing the room, that person might have taken Sid forcibly and he might have resisted, so that’s why room is messed up. Shahana blames Aaliya for Sid’s disappearance. Aaliya tells that this girl is mad and accuses everyone. Shahana says just you and not everyone. They go out hearing the sound and see Aryan and Sid fighting. Aryan is punching Sid. Everyone tries to stop them. Aryan tells that they were playing cards and Sid lost, and now not giving 5 K or not taking the punches. Dida and Vikram scold them. Pallavi says she will get the hall cleaned.

Rhea comes there with Prachi and Ranbir. Aaliya thinks if Rhea’s fake pregnancy is exposed. Rhea tells that whatever she did is because she loves Ranbir. She tells that she has accepted Prachi’s challenge because of her love for Ranbir, but he didn’t talk to her and was upset. Ranbir tells that he was tired all along the way and goes. Rhea says she shall be upset and goes. Pallavi asks Prachi to get ready to do what she wants. She calls the decorator and asks them to decorate the house for the marriage festivities.

Aaliya asks Rhea to say whatever happened in the hospital. Rhea says she has managed and tells her that Prachi knows Dr. Preeti. She tells Aaliya how she fooled a pregnant lady posing as a doctor to get her sample. Aaliya smiles. Rhea tells that now they have to make sure that nobody get that report and then they will switch it with the report prepared by Dr. Madhurima. Aaliya appreciates her smart move. Shahana overhears them and couldn’t believe what she has heard. Prachi asks her to calm down and say. Shahana reveals to her that Rhea is not Pregnant. Prachi tells that she was already doubtful that Rhea is not pregnant. She tells that they will know the truth that she is not pregnant and also Rhea’s cheap thoughts and her limits to stoop. She tells that Rhea is playing with Ranbir and others’ emotions. She tells that her doubt was confirmed long ago.

Shahana tells that Rhea has given pregnant lady’s sample. Prachi says Rhea doesn’t know that she has given her own sample. She tells that Rhea had fainted after drinking water and the Nurse made her rest on the bed. The Nurse hired by Prachi takes Rhea’s sample after dropping down the lady’s sample on the floor. Shahana tells that so that means Rhea’s pregnancy report will arrive tomorrow. Prachi says yes. She tells that it is enough of game of mouse and cat game, and tells that mouse will be either hunted by the cat or will be caged.

Pallavi reminisces the past and asks Sid to call Mihika for the marriage functions. Sid tells Pallavi that if he calls Mihika then she might not come, fearing Dida’s reaction, so it is better if she orders Rhea to call her, Mihika is closer to Rhea and will come if she tells her. Pallavi says ok. They go to Rhea’s room. Pallavi scares Aaliya and Rhea, by asking about Mihika. She then orders Rhea to call Mihika else she will invite her. Sid tells that it was Pallavi’s idea and he suggested her to ask Rhea to call her. He thanks Pallavi and tells that he had decided to get up from in between the rituals and leave it midway if Mihika doesn’t arrive. Rhea looks at Aaliya.

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