Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Kavya in danger

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Kavya in danger

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Kavya in danger Prithvi asks Sherlyn why is she so worried about Rishabh Luthra, and tells that she didn’t talk like this before. He asks if she is trying to cheat on him. Sherlyn says I might like someone for a second, but I love you only and my loyalty is just for you. Prithvi says I don’t believe your words today. He doubts and thinks if Sherlyn to have soft corner for Rishabh seeing her concern for him. The terrorist Raja asks Karan to bend down, and plead in front of them for forgiveness, to get Kavya.

Rishabh tells that if anyone apologizes or not, but I will apologize. He apologizes to the Terorist Raja and pleads to him. He asks him to leave his daughter. Kavya cries. Seeing Rishabh pleading in front of the terrorists, Karan says he will also apologize. Rishabh asks him to do it then. Karan also apologizes and pleads in front of the terrorist Raja and asks him to leave Kavya. Preeta looks on worried for Kavya.

Earlier in the show,Anjali comes behind Karan and asks him to let Preeta say whatever she wants, her words shall not affect him. He says will I let my daughter harmed? Anjali asks if he has come to take revenge from Luthras or to shed tears. She tells her that Preeta is of Rishabh and not yours. She tells that she has seen his bonding with Kavya, and now you are connecting with her more, asks him not to give importance to Preeta. Karan says he feels pain. Anjali says she will be with him always. She thinks if she can tell him about her feelings, thinks she can feel his pain and he shall take care of himself for her.


Rishabh calls Raja. Kavya comes out with shawl covered on her. Raja comes out. Rishabh and Karan ask her not to be afraid. Kavya asks them not to come near her. The Police understands and asks everyone to move back. Raja removes the shawl and shows the bomb tied to Kavya’s body. Preeta, Rishabh, Karan and others are shocked.

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update Kavya in danger:

Raja lifts the cloth wrapped around Kavya and the family members get shocked to see bomb jacket worn by her. Raja tells that if they do anything then he will press the button and activate the bomb. Rishabh, Karan, Preeta and others ask him to leave Kavya. Raja asks if you will agree to whatever I say. Karan promises to give whatever he asks for. Raja says this is what he wanted. Preeta pleads asking him to leave her daughter. Rishabh asks him to tackle his issue with Karan and to leave Kavya. Mahesh also asks him to leave the girl. Raja tells that he will not be emotionally blackmail and will take revenge. Preeta asks him not to say this infront of a mother. Rishabh says I will give whatever you want. Raja asks Karan to apologize to him. Karan says sorry. Raja asks him to bend down on his knees, plead infront of him and apologize. Rishabh says I will apologize to you. Karan says I will apologize to you. He bends down on his knees and apologizes to Raja, asking him to leave Kavya. Raja demands 50 Lakhs Rs from Karan. Rishabh offers to give, but Raja wants to take it from Karan.

Karan sends Anjali to get the money. Sameer goes with her. Raja dances happily saying he will be rich now. He drops the bomb timer on the ground and accidentally keeps his foot on it. Everyone gets shocked to see the bomb activated. Raja himself gets shocked. Inspector Waghmare catches him and asks everyone not to worry as he will call bomb squad.Anjali asks Sameer to drive fast. Sameer stops the car due to traffic.

Prithvi shows the video to Sherlyn in which Raja is unveiling the bomb jacket on Kavya. She asks since when Raja has became bad. Prithvi says how can Raja do this with Kavya? Sherlyn says she is talking in general, says he is torturing Kavya, Luthras might be crying and tells that she doesn’t care for them, just cares for Rishabh. Prithvi says he cares for Preeta. Sherlyn says you care about Preeta. He says you worry about Rishabh. Sherlyn asks him if he worry for Preeta. Prithvi says at one time, I had soft corner for Preeta ji, and I used to like her, but didn’t love her. He asks why she cares for Rishabh. Sherlyn says I might like someone for a second, but my loyalty is with you. He says he don’t believe her today. Sherlyn asks him to go to hell. Prithvi hugs her. Sherlyn tells that they shall go there and see. Prithvi says he wants to see Inspector Waghmare, if he has done something or just boosting about himself.

Karan asks Kavya not to worry. Inspector Waghmare calls bomb squad and tells everyone that Bomb Squad is coming. Dadi asks Kavya to remember the story told by her, to give her courage and cries. Rakhi asks her to remember God. Anjali comes home with Sameer. She tells that she will file attempt to murder case on her. She talks arrogantly, takes money from the almari and throws some stuff on the floor while searching keys. Sameer finds Luthra’s family pics there.

Bomb Squad comes there to diffuse the bomb. The reporter covers the news. Prithvi and Sherlyn look at them from far. He asks her to watch the film and tells that she wants to see Luthras in pain. Sherlyn says she wanted him to give pain to them. Prithvi tells that it was his idea, he gave idea to Raja and Shabbir. Sherlyn asks what did you do. He asks did you see big people working and says I am making them do my work. The Bomb Squad refuses to diffuse the bomb. Inspector Waghmare asks him to do the work. Rishabh says I will do, she is my daughter. He comes to Kavya. Preeta asks if she can hold her hand. The bomb squad says we can’t risk many people’s lives. Rishabh and karan ask him to let Preeta be with Kavya. Preeta holds Kavya’s hand. The bomb squad asks Preeta to separate the wires and says wrong wire shouldn’t get cut. Preeta asks Rishabh not to get nervous as it is the matter of their daughter. Rishabh cuts a wire.

Bomb squad says we have to cut two more wires. A terrorist comes out of the school and shoots at the bomb squad. The bullet hits his hand. Lady constables shoots him. Inspector Waghmare asks if he is fine? Bomb Squad says yes. Mahesh asks where is your other partner. Bomb squad says he is not experienced and says if anyone helps then I can cut the wire. Karan says I can cut the wire. Preeta says this has happened because of him, don’t take his help, I feel that my daughter is not safe with him. Arjun asks him to keep her hatred aside and worry for Kavya. Preeta says I worry for Kavya and that’s why saying this. Arjun says do you all think that I have done this with Kavya, and Preeta is trusting Raja. Preeta says yes, I think so. Dadi asks them to stop fighting and save Kavya first.

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