Kundali Bhagya Rishabh to diffuse the bomb 7th November 2022

Kundali Bhagya Rishabh to diffuse the bomb 7th November 2022

Kundali Bhagya:Kavya’s life is in danger. The Luthras and others get shocked seeing bomb tied to Kavya. They all plead infront of Raja to leave the girl. Raja rejoices and tells that his dream has fulfilled, he wanted to see them pleading infront of him. Mahesh also wanted Raja to leave Kavya. Raja says he will take revenge from them. He asks Karan to apologize to him. Karan apologizes. Raja asks him to bend down on his knees and apologizes. Rishabh apologizes to Raja. Karan bends down on his knees and apologizes to Raja. Raja asks for 50 lakhs cash. Rishabh offers to give him any amount. Karan says he will give, but dont have it now. He sends Anjali to bring the money. Raja dances happily and steps on the bomb remote, and the bomb gets activated. The Police catch Raja and calls Bomb squad.

Sherlyn confronts Prithvi for having feelings for Preeta. He says he dont have any feelings for Preeta, but had soft corner for her then. He confronts Sherlyn’s feelings for Rishabh. Sherlyn tells that her loyalty lies with him and not with anyone else. Prithvi doesnt believe her at first. Sherlyn tells that they shall go and see Luthra’s destruction. Karan asks Kavya not to worry. Preeta and others cry being worried. Kavya also cries. The bomb squad is on the way and informs Inspector Waghmare.

Sameer comes to Karan’s house with Anjali. Anjali takes the cash and says she will go. She searches for the keys and makes some stuff falls down. Sameer finds Preeta, Mahesh and Rakhi’s pic there. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that it was all his idea which he gave to Terrorists. They look at Kavya as the bomb squad tries to diffuse the bomb. He gets scared. Rishabh offers to diffuse the bomb on his instructions. Bomb Squad instructs Rishabh. Preeto gives courage to Kavya and holds her hand.The terrorist comes out and shoots at Bomb Squad. Lady Constabe shoots at the terrorists. The bomb squad gets saved. He asks Rishabh to help him cut the wire. Karan offers help. Preeta refuses to let Karan cut the bomb. Everyone panic.


Pishachini: Rocky, Pavitra, Sanchit and Vidya come to the jungle insearch of Shikha and Veer. Shikha senses she is in danger and shouts. She runs and collides with Veer. Rocky and others come to them. They question them why they had come there. Shikha tells that she came insearch of Veer following a dangerous voice. Veer also makes similar excuse that he had come there for Shikha. Shikha gets emotional about Veer. It is revealed that Dada ji has teamed up with Maha Pishach and has asked Pavitra to lock him in the cage on Maha Pishach’s orders. Maha Pishach reveals about his plan to stay there for 2 days awaiting the green star to hunt his prey.

Rani dreams being in the Pishach Lok and the Pishachs bashing her up counting her inabilities to become Maha Pishachini, and for falling prey to Rajputs and getting tied to the tree. She resolves to find solution to free herself. Everyone return home. Sapna informs them about Bhai Dooj celebrations tomorrow, though Vidya, and Pavitra fear the worst after finding deer bones in the jungle. Rocky and Sanchit are positive and think they shall not drag the issue with overthinking. Pavitra shows the nail and suspects supernatural element behind the roaring sound. She enquires about it, but didn’t get any info in her grand father’s book also.

Later they get ready to celebrate Bhai Dooj. Vidya goes out to get some flowers and realizes Rani has hunt someone seeing the cycle parked there. Rani alerts her about Maha Pishach without revealing his name, and tells her how dangerous he is. She then offers to help Rajputs if they set her free. Vidya runs being scared. She comes home and celebrates Bhai Dooj with her brothers, without revealing to them about her encounter with Rani. She calls Nashak for help. While all the family is happily dancing and are cheerful about the festival, Pavitra feels the spark and supernatural powers when Veer’s hand touches her accidentally.

Sasural Simar Ka: Labuni keeps a watch on Simar. Simar tells Labuni that even though Aarav praised her beauty a lot, but she can’t get him, as he is married to her. Labuni attracts Simar coming in human form. Simar walks behind her in trance. Vivaan tries to go out of the house to search Aarav, but Reema tells him about Labuni’s possessiveness for her lover, and she would kill the person whoever see her with her lover. She hugs Vivaan to stop him. Guruji alerts Badimaa that Simar’s life is in danger and not Aarav. Badimaa rushes out and saves Simar at the right time.

Vivaan calls out aloud calling them inside. They rush inside and hear about Aarav being in his room itself. Chitra laughs aloud at Simar’s foolishness not to check in his room. Simar recalls checking in the room at first place. They all go in Aarav’s room. Badimaa insists to sleep there with them, but Simar asks her to rest in her room being tired. However Simar finds Aarav’s slipper having wet mud and realizes he had gone out. She shares this with Reema, who tells that Labuni is calling Aarav like she used to call Arindham every night and the latter used to get drawn toward her. They hear Sandhya singing bengali song in the middle of night and get shivering.

Chitra tells that they have planned to sing till the end of night. Reema tries to convince them to continue singing in their rooms, and they agree. Badimaa watches everything from her room and couldn’t understand what has happened to them. Reema comes to Simar and informs her that they have to crack this mystery and save the family. Simar decides to get rid of Statue, first thing in the morning. Reema offers her unconditional help to save Aarav and the family.


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