Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Prachi’s smart moves

Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Prachi's smart moves

Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Prachi’s smart moves Prachi assigns the tasks to Sid and Shahana. She tells them that she will provoke Rhea so much that she ends up doing a mistake tonight. Rhea challenges Prachi that tonight after Sangeet ceremony, she will make her take rounds with Sid. Prachi promises Rhea that prior to Sangeet wrap up, she will expose her real face before everyone. Prachi determines to save Ranbir from Rhea. Aaliya makes counter attack plan with Rhea against Prachi. Sid pressurizes Aaliya to bring Mihika there. The Sangeet function is about to begin.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya tells Rhea that they are missing out something, and realizes that Prachi and Sid are not engaged. She tells that they have to prove it, they didn’t their game being overconfident. Rhea gets scared. Aaliya asks her not to show her fear to Prachi. She decides to find out what is in Prachi’s mind. She tells that they have to be cautious and shall counter attack to Prachi’s tricks.

Meanwhile Prachi assigns work to Shahana and Ranbir after decorator asks for time for the decorations. Ranbir agrees to do the work. Sid tells that he shall work as it is his sangeet, else Prachi will worry. Ranbir makes it clear to him asking him not to think about Prachi until he marries her.


Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Prachi’s smart moves:

Aaliya shares her doubt with Rhea that along with Prachi, Sid is also playing games with them. Rhea asks did she hear something? Aaliya refuses and tells that this thing is striking in her heart that Sid-Prachi are playing games with them and they doesn’t know. Rhea asks if this is her doubt, tell her. Aaliya tells that she will not let anyone fool them, will do their work in darkness of night and will use their weakness as their strength. Shahana informs Prachi that Ranbir is losing his calm. She asks her to handle Ranbir. Sid tells Prachi that Ranbir becomes burnt lover and thinks that he will take her away from him. Prachi tells that Ranbir’s anger can spoil everything. She tells them that she knows about Ranbir’s anger which breaks out after some point. He gets mad when angry.

Sid asks what about Rhea and Aaliya, they are planning something for sure and doubtful about their team up. Prachi tells that she really doesn’t care, tonight is very important day for them, we will face them from the front. She tells that Rhea’s report will come today and it will be found to what extent Aaliya and Rhea lied and betrayed everyone. She tells that they will be exposed today. She asks Shahana to make sure and receives the report as soon as it comes. She asks Sid to maintain pressure on Aaliya to bring Mihika there. Sid tells after tonight darkness, everyone will be fine, you will have Ranbir and I will have my sister Mihika. Prachi tells that they shall be extra cautions, Mihika’s safety is of utmost priority and also the reports. Shahana tells that she will get the reports. Sid asks what Prachi will do. Prachi tells that she is going to provoke Rhea so much that she ends up doing a mistake which will get her punished for her past thousands of mistake.

Prachi and Rhea come infront of each other. Prachi warns Rhea to mend her ways before the time ends. Rhea advices her to leave to skip marrying Sid. Prachi asks if she is afraid that she might know about her. Rhea tells that she doesn’t care. Prachi says you will care when truth comes infront of everyone and tells that it is easy to compress truth or hide it, but facing and defeating it is infact very hard to do. Rhea acts as if she doesn’t know what Prachi is talking about. She tells that she is very happy and will dance tonight for her sangeet. Prachi reminds that she is pregnant and says don’t know why you forget it often. She tells that she thinks she is over excited, but actually she is over confident and forgets her reality.

Rhea tells that Prachi herself is exposed and is lecturing her. Prachi says she is warning her. She tells that she can’t do drama of giving her time to leave the house like she had given She tells that she believes in actions and not words. She says I will expose your true face infront of them. Rhea promises her that tonight after Sangeet ceremony, she will get her take rounds with Sid. Prachi promises that she will expose her before Sangeet finishes, then nobody would like to see her beautiful face. Rhea tells that she will get ready to dance tonight. Prachi asks Sid and Shahana to make sure and get the reports.

Aryan is sad and looking at the door. Shahana sees Mili coming and running to hug him. Ranbir’s Assistant comes there and greets Shahana. He asks her about Aryan. Shahana says he is a good friend. She meets Mili. Mili tells that Aryan always talk about her and respects her a lot. Shahana tells that Aryan doesn’t talk to her often. Mili tells that only Shahana can comvince Aryan for anything. Shahana thinks if she had breakup then she is fine, why others are upset them.

Rhea compliments Pallavi’s beauty and says she is speechless. Pallavi is happy and tells her about inviting media who wrote about Sid-Prachi’s affair. She tells that they will write about Sid-Prachi’s marriage. Rhea says it is good, that past news will be rectified. She thinks she has one woman army, Pallavi Mom. Sid comes to Rhea and asks about Mihika. Rhea tells Pallavi that Mihika is unwelll. Sid tells that he has to go there, as he can’t leave her alone. Rhea says she is unwell. Sid asks Pallavi to call her, else his mind will be there. Pallavi asks her to call Mihika. Rhea refuses saying she will get unwell if comes here. Pallavi says Mihika is already here. Sid hugs Mihika and asks if she is fine. Aaliya tells Rhea that Mihika was unwell but she thought. Rhea says you must have thought good. Aaliya threatens Mihika and asks her to walk with her, else she knows what can happen. Sid gets scared. In the rom, Prachi searches for her earrings. Ranbir offers to search it. They find and hold it together and look at each other.

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