Bhagya Lakshmi 14th November 2022 Written Update Neelam to oust Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th November 2022 Written Update Neelam to oust Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th November 2022 Written Update Neelam to oust Lakshmi Lakshmi tells Rishi that she wants to tell him, that she is his, only his. Karishma tells Neelam that they have to throw out Lakshmi as soon as possible. Lakshmi holds Rishi’s face and tells that the right which they have on each other, she will not give this anyone, irrespective of whoever it is. Lakshmi and Rishi keep their heads on each other’s hand. Sonia hears everything. Lakshmi then teases Rishi saying if Malishka tries to snatch her rights, then she will not leave her and will make her vanish. Lakshmi learns about an accident.

Earlier in the show,Ayush asks Shalu why is she smiling cutely. Shalu tells that she is smiling for him. She praises him for using his wits and calling Police. She tells him about Billu, who used to use his mind rather than his power. She tells that she used to like him very much. Ayush gets jealous and stops the car. He asks Shalu if she loved him. Shalu asks what is he saying? Ayush removes his jacket and shows his biceps and triceps. He asks her to call him and tells that he will beat him. Shalu says she is sure that Billu will win from him. Ayush thinks she didn’t tell me before that she used to like Billu a lot, and thinks he was doing Shalu Shalu. Shalu tells that Billu was her cousin. Ayush says he liked Billu a lot and tells that he will become muscle man like him. Shalu reminds him of his own words. Ayush tells that he will make body as she likes. She asks if he is jealous? Ayush says no. He stops the car and asks her to get down from the car.

Shalu asks why you are angry again. Ayush asks her to look around. She asks why didn’t you say straight that my house came. He asks why? Shalu tells that she praises him behind his back. Neha is waiting for Auto and sees Ayush and Shalu. She calls Ayush. Ayush asks who is she? Shalu says Neha. Ayush says bye. Neha asks why did he come? Ayush tells that he came to drop Shalu. Neha asks him to drop her to her friend’s house. Ayush refuses. Neha gets upset and goes. Ayush leaves. Neha is standing for Auto and comes back to Shalu. She then scolds Shalu for not asking Ayush to drop her. Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s words that he is just hers, and reminisces their magical moments. She recalls Karishma’s warning and Neelam’s words favoring Malishka.


Bhagya Lakshmi 14th November 2022 Written Update Neelam to oust Lakshmi:

Rishi comes behind Lakshmi and closes the door. He asks her to reply to his words and then only he will let her go. Lakshmi asks what? He asks why did you run away. Lakshmi tells that she is busy with work and has to organize clothes in her almira. Rishi thinks very smart Lakshmi, doing work slow deliberately so that she don’t need to answer. He offers help and keeps clothes all at once. Lakshmi takes all the clothes out and scolds him for messing up with her cupboard. Rishi tells that he very well knows her drama. He tells that if she don’t want to answer then keep it to herself. Lakshmi thinks she also wants to tell him that she is just his, but couldn’t say.

Neelam is in her room. Karishma asks if you are thinking the same as me. She worries that Malishka is failing before Lakshmi and she is afraid that their family reputation might be ruined due to balwinder. She tells that they shall throw out Lakshmi fast, else we will lose Rishi also. Neelam tells that only Malishka can tie Rishi in the relation and love, we can just take him to her, like we took Rishi to Lakshmi. She tells that Malishka shall be clever than lakshmi. Karishma tells that Malishka shall understand this, shall get motivated and make Rishi go away from Lakshmi.

Lakshmi sees Rishi and asks when did he come? He tells that when she was doing the work. He asks her to tell. Lakshmi asks why is he so stubborn and asks him to move. She collides with him and tries to strike her head with his head. Rishi refuses and tells that black dog will not bite. Lakshmi gives the reasoning. Rishi agrees on a condition, that she will tell her feelings. Lakshmi tells him that she ran away from kitchen as something was happening to her, when he conveyed his feelings. He asks her to express her feelings. Lakshmi tells that she gets much scared with the fear of losing him. She tells him that he is everything to her, and is more precious than her life. He waits for her to confess her love.

Lakshmi wishes to tell him, how much she loves him. Rishi tells that he want to hear something else. Lakshmi tells you said that you are mine, and we have right on each other. She tells that she will not let anyone snatch this right. She tells that if Malishka tries to snatch you from me, then I will vanish her. Sonia hears them and thinks how dare she, something shall happen with her so that she repent all life. She calls Malishka and informs her everything about Lakshmi’s words. Malishka is shocked. Rishi asks Lakshmi to say sorry. Then they strike their heads and smiles. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she has wasted much time here. Rishi tells that his time passed here. He goes.

Karishma comes to Kiran’s house. She asks why Malishka couldn’t do anything. Lakshmi is controlling him. Kiran tells that Rishi’s remote is in her hands. Karishma tells that Malishka has to make Rishi hers, by hook and crook. Kiran thinks Malishka does so much, but fails. Karishma asks her to boost up Malishka’s confidence. Kiran says my dream is to see malishka as bahu of your house. Malishka complains to Kiran. Kiran asks her to scare Lakshmi and show how strong she is and her love. Malishka tells that Lakshmi will repent.

Lakshmi asks Ayush to have food. Ayush asks her to go. Rishi comes there and scolds Ayush for the mistakes in the presentation. Rishi says I shall work on this presentation all night now. He tells that it is his mistake to give work to him, if Malishka would have done then there would be no mistake. Sonia, Karishma and Neelam smiles. Lakshmi tries to ask to him and make him understand that Ayush is his brother and does so much for him. Rishi goes to work.

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