Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Preeta-Karan’s temple meet

Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Preeta-Karan's temple meet

Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Preeta-Karan’s temple meet Rishabh tells Anjali that the deal was between Arjun Suryavanshi and him. He says Arjun’s presence here is equally important here as my presence here. He tells that if Arjun is not here, then there is no point of having this meeting. Anjali asks if he is angry because of Preeta. Rishabh asks her not to get personal and asks her to keep his wife and family, away from work. Preeta comes to the temple and sees Karan/Arjun there. The holy cloth flies over and falls on their heads. Preeta looks on stunned.

Earlier in the show, Preeta looks out of the window and sees Rishabh going. She calls him and asks him to keep the car to side. She says she heard him. He asks what joru ka ghulam matter. She says no and asks why did he go, as he needs to rest for 2-3 days. She asks him to return home. Rishabh says he has an important meeting to attend. Preeta says we shall preserve your life, and let go of this meeting. He says he slept well, had breakfast and he is fine. He tells that he will attend the meeting and will come home. Shristi hears them. She says I didn’t see jodi like you both. She says you both don’t fight and live life peacefully, this is perfect match for me. Preeta says anyone can say whatever they want, but we know what is our relation. She says we are neither like typical husband and wife nor friends like relations, and says you will not understand. Shristi says I am happy that you got Rishabh as the life partner, if you had got Arjun/Karan as lifepartner then your band would have played. Preeta tells that nobody shall get Arjun like character.

Karan asks Anjali and the grand maa working and asks why they are working? Grand maa tells that she had scolded a Servant, that he left. Anjali says you told him that he is sitting at home and taking money. She says he was telling how he will feed his family now. Grand maa tells that she shouldn’t have done this. She asks Karan to take her to temple. Karan asks Anjali to take her to temple. Grand Maa insists to go with Karan and says I like you more. Karan asks her to come. They leave. Anjali thinks Arjun/Karan shall be happy always so that he doesn’t think of Preeta.


Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Preeta-Karan’s temple meet:

Preeta coming to Dadi and asking if she came back from temple so soon. Dadi tells that everyone went and nobody is available to take her to temple. Preeta asks Dadi to come with her to temple. Karan and grand maa comes there. Grand maa says we shall take coconut. Preeta comes there in her car and hits Karan’s car. Dadi says you have hit the car. Preeta parks the car before the driver would know. They pass by each other. Preeta and Karan pass each other and senses their presence there. Dadi comes and takes Preeta from there. Grand Maa asks Karan to come inside. Grand Maa confesses to truth that she had ill treated a Servant and fired. She apologizes. Pandit ji says when you realized your mistake, repenting it and competent to rectify it. He asks Grand Maa to seek God’s blessing.

Suddenly Karan sees Preeta there standing and praying with Dadi. He recalls Preeta filing the FIR and goes out. He thinks what is going on in my mind, thinks he hates her and doesn’t like her. He thinks whenever she calls Rishabh as her husband, he gets angry with the thought, now I have known that the girl is not good, then why? Pandit ji asks Preeta to present the water to Tulsi Maa. Grand maa calls Karan and asks where is he? Karan says he is outside and asks her to ask someone and come out. She says she doesn’t know the way out. Dadi takes the call from Grand maa and scolds Karan, asking him to come and take his Dadi. Karan realizes her voice and says he will come. Grand Maa thanks Dadi.

Rakhi tells Mahesh that they have kept puja at home, as much things are happening in the house. Mahesh says it is good, but why you have kept these clothes. Rakhi says she will give it to Pandit ji, so that he can give it to the newly weds, and the latter will bless Preeta and Rishabh. Mahesh says it is good way to get blessings. Rakhi prays best for Rishabh and tells that she has seen love in his eyes, and wants Preeta to feel same love for Rishabh. Mahesh says it wil be 100 percent completed. Preeta and Karan come face to face in the temple. Karan recalls their moments. Preeta looks at him. A lady covers chunari on the holy tree, it flies in air and falls over Karan and Preeta’s heads covering them. Karan recalls their moments. Preeta removes the chunari from her head. Karan also remove it.

Mr. Shekhar asks his employee to call Rishabh and Arjun/Karan. Anjali comes there and tells that he couldn’t come due to family emergency. Rishabh comes there and says lets Mr. Suryavanshi come there. Shekhar says he has some emergency and couldn’t go. Rishabh says if he couldn’t come then we can postponed the meeting. Anjali says Arjun/Karan was having family emergency. Rishabh tells that even he was in the hospital yesterday, doctor asked for mandatory bed rest, then also he came today for professional work. He says nobody informed my team that he is not coming. Anjali asks what is your problem? Rishabh says you can say this without commenting. He thanks and is about to leave. Anjali asks if he is scared that you might lose the award and that’s why delaying the project.

Rishabh tells that he don’t do business on award basis, but on ethics basis and self discipline, and is running my business successfully. He says I have no control on your thoughts. He says this deal is between Arjun and me, and his presence here is as important as my presence here, we didn’t keep this meeting for casual meeting, but to discuss the business module. He tells Shekhar that next time when they call him, they shall be clear about meeting. Anjali asks if you are angry because of Preeta. Rishabh asks her to shut up and asks her to keep his wife and family away from his work. Anjali says you got angry.

The lady comes to Karan and Preeta and takes back her chunari. She blesses that their jodi shall be there forever. Preeta says we are not a couple. She tries to go and asks him to leave her pallu, calls him cheap and shameless. She turns and finds her pallu stuck. He asks her to take back all the words which she used. She says you didn’t do it now, but very capable of these words. Grand Maa comes there and asks Karan, what is she doing? He says wasting time with Preeta. Preeta greets Grand Maa. He asks why she was sweet with her. Grand maa asks didn’t you like her. Preeta informs Dadi that Arjun is here. Arjun finds his car stuck in wrong parking. Preeta comes there. He asks if you have parked the car here, how I will take out the car. Dadi says we will pay for the loss. Arjun asks did you hit my car and checks for his car. Preeta thinks he will make issue now.

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