Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Rhea wins

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Rhea wins

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Rhea wins Dr. Preeti arrives in the Sangeet function. Rhea gets pleased to see her. Pallavi asks the doctor about Rhea’s reports, if the baby’s DNA matched with Ranbir’s DNA. Prachi gets keen to hear the truth from the doctor. Dr. Preeti lies to them on Rhea’s saying. She tells them that it’s a perfect match, Rhea’s baby’s DNA matches with Ranbir’s DNA, which means its Ranbir’s baby. Prachi is stunned, knowing there is a secret hidden about Rhea’s pregnancy. Rhea smiles gloriously.

Earlier in the show, Sahana sees Mihika getting kidnapped again. She thinks to inform Prachi about Mihika’s location. She also gets caught by a goon. Rhea thanks Ranbir for taking good care of her. Aaliya asks did Ranbir see anything. Rhea tells that Ranbir is still ignorant of their truth. Sahana runs for her life. She wants to run away and reach home, in order to get help for Mihika. Ranbir and Vikram look for Aryan. Vikram finds Dida and Pallavi happy. He suspects that they are thinking something. Prachi tells that women are happy when shopping talks are going on. Vikram cross checks this thing by asking Dida. Kohlis dance together in the Sangeet function. Dr. Preeti comes in the party. Rhea plans to ruin Prachi’s function.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Rhea wins:


Ranbir and Prachi introduce Dr. Preeti to the family. Prachi tells that they have got Rhea’s test done, the reports got missing instead reaching them, doctor will reveal the results in front of them. Pallavi asks the doctor about the DNA test results. Vikram tells that she can read the reports in front of them. Pallavi asks her about the DNA matching. Dr. Preeti tells that it’s a perfect match, its Ranbir’s child, because Rhea’s child and Ranbir’s DNA matches. Prachi is shocked by the doctor’s revelation. Aaliya asks Rhea did she bribe the doctor to make the fake report.

Rhea tells that the report is true. Aaliya asks why did she make her run to the hospital. Rhea tells that she wasn’t sure of the DNA sample before, she has stolen the matching sample from Prachi. She tells Aaliya how she has taken Prachi’s blood sample and then switched the samples in the doctor’s clinic. Aaliya calls her amazing. Rhea tells that Prachi had blamed her, it was unbearable. Prachi asks the doctor is she sure. She tells that DNA can’t match. Rhea asks her did she make the report. Aaliya and Rhea accuse Prachi.

Aaliya tells that Prachi has insulted Rhea and now the test results have come. Rhea asks Prachi not to question her again. Prachi doesn’t believe it. She tells that Rhea isn’t pregnant, she is misusing their love and trust. Prachi accuses Rhea back for changing the report. Pallavi asks her to stop the drama and not blame Rhea further. She believes Rhea. She asks Prachi to not say any nonsense. She wants Prachi to apologize to Rhea for insulting her and questioning her baby. Prachi tells that Rhea is lying. She refuses to apologize for speaking the truth. Ranbir walks after Prachi.

Rhea tells Pallavi that Prachi has crossed all limits to insult her. She tells that she will leave the house if Prachi doesn’t apologize to her. She threatens the family. Ranbir asks Prachi to listen to him, did her faith break on him. He doesn’t want her to feel ashamed of him. She tells that she isn’t ashamed of him, she knows its not his baby. He tells that he is glad to see her faith on him. She asks him to give her some time. He tells that he will wait for her. Aaliya congratulates Rhea and hugs her. Rhea expects Pallavi to come after her and beg her to not leave the house. Aaliya tells that the entire family will come to stop her. Rhea tells that Prachi has gone her DNA test done secretly, so she had to fail Prachi’s plan. She feels she has won.

While she reveals her plans, she sees Pallavi coming. She pretends to cry and gains Pallavi’s sympathy. She tells that she can’t tolerate if anyone questions her child. Aaliya consoles her. Rhea tells that Pallavi and Vikram didn’t make Prachi apologize to her. She adds that she will leave the house. Pallavi stops her from leaving. She tells that she won’t compromise with the family respect, Prachi has to apologize to Rhea. She tells that Prachi will lose her forever.

Sid overhears them. He goes to meet Prachi. He asks her to apologize to Rhea. She asks why is he saying this. He tells that Rhea is doing a drama to gain sympathy. She wants to find out how Rhea changed the sample and the reports. He tells that the situation will go out of their hands if they get late. He requests her to say sorry. She doesn’t want to apologize when she is saying the truth. He tells that she will have to fight to bring the truth out, she has to keep the family along, Rhea is making Pallavi against her. He asks her not to increase her enemies, say sorry and end the matter, take this as a part of a game, Rhea will soon make a mistake and then Prachi can tackle her. Prachi agrees to say sorry to Rhea.

Pallavi assures that she/Rhea will always be Ranbir’s wife for the family. She wants to take care of Rhea well. Aaliya asks Rhea is she okay now. She tells that Pallavi will clear all their doubts. Pallavi tells that Prachi will apologize to Rhea. Sid asks Pallavi to go to meet Prachi. Pallavi rushes. Rhea threatens Sid. Pallavi and Aaliya ask Prachi to apologize to Rhea for doing wrong with her. Prachi apologizes to Rhea in front of the entire family. Aaliya insults Prachi for carrying Sid’s child.

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