Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 Written Update Rishi to rescue

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 Written Update Rishi to rescue

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 Written Update Rishi to rescue Lakshmi criticizes Malishka on knowing her truth. She tells that Malishka doesn’t love Rishi, its not love, but her adamancy. She asks Malishka to hear the truth, if she loved Rishi, then she would have trusted him, he would have not gone away from him, there is no love without trust. Malishka tells that she loves and trusts Rishi. She yells that she will break her mangalsutra. She wants to make her love win. Lakshmi asks her did she go mad. Malishka and Lakshmi get into a fight. Malishka tries to stab Lakshmi. They both fall down unconscious. Balwinder comes and wakes up Malishka. She tells him that she killed Lakshmi. She comes to the reality. He tells that she is daydreaming, she didn’t kill Lakshmi till now. She worries that it was just a dream. She screams badly, and leaves him scared.

Ayush and Shalu look for Lakshmi desperately and worriedly. They don’t find her anywhere. She fears that Lakshmi got kidnapped. Ayush gets to see someone dressed as Lakshmi. He follows the lady and thinks she is Lakshmi. He finds someone else. He apologizes. He breaks down, while Shalu pacifies him. She asks him to be strong. Rishi rescues Lakshmi and brings her to the hospital. He asks the doctor to check his wife, she fainted suddenly. Doctor checks Lakshmi. Ayush and Shalu give strength to each other. He tells that they will find Lakshmi, everyone will know that Lakshmi is right. He tells that he knows Lakshmi is true, Malishka is connected to Lakshmi’s disappearance. He asks her to go home and relax. Rishi brings Lakshmi home. Dadi gets worried seeing Lakshmi unconscious and asks Rishi about her. Rishi rushes Lakshmi to the room and makes her rest.

Dadi thinks to ask him later, he is already worried. Kiran can’t believe that her daughter has committed a crime in love. She feels scared that Malishka can get caught and ruin her life. She just prays that Rishi and Malishka unite, else the latter will get mad for him. Virender and Neelam meet Rishi, and don’t tell him anything about Malishka’s kidnapping. He tells that they will know everything once Lakshmi gets conscious. Rishi tells that he was too scared seeing Lakshmi lying unconscious on the road, it was not expected. Neelam tells that sometimes they have to suffer and tolerate someone’s bad fate. Dadi tells that Lakshmi’s good fate is with Rishi, they can fight any sorrow and overcome it. She blesses them.


Ayush comes there and finds Lakshmi with them. He rushes to call Shalu and inform her. Rano asks Shalu why is she so lost. Shalu tells about Lakshmi’s suspected kidnapping. Rano asks who will kidnap Lakshmi. She also feels tensed. Ayush calls Shalu and informs that Lakshmi is back home, she is fine. She asks where did Lakshmi go. He doesn’t tell her that Lakshmi is unconscious. She wants to talk to Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi is with the family. She tells that she will wait for his call.

Rano gets glad knowing Lakshmi is back. Rishi asks Virender where did Lakshmi go. Virender wants her to get conscious. Rishi tells that something is wrong, Ayush was searching for Lakshmi. He feels worried. He goes to ask Ayush. Ayush reveals about Malishka’s kidnapping and Lakshmi accused for it. Rishi asks who has accused Lakshmi. Ayush narrates the entire matter to him. Rishi asks how can Kiran think that Lakshmi can kidnap Malishka. He tells that he will be back soon. He goes to meet Kiran. The family is also worried for Lakshmi. Neelam thinks Lakshmi is seeking attention. Ayush tells them that Lakshmi went missing, Shalu and he went to find her. He asks why is Lakshmi unconscious.

Virender tells that there is some serious issue. Neelam wants to know where did Rishi go. Rishi barges into Kiran’s house. He confronts her for accusing Lakshmi. He asks her why did she blame Lakshmi, who can never kidnap Malishka. He tells that he will not tolerate anything against Lakshmi. He warns her and asks her to withdraw the case. She tells that she has realized her mistake, she will withdraw the complaint, police will find Malishka, and Lakshmi will be the prime suspect for the police. Rishi walks off. Kiran wishes Malishka’s plan works this time.

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