Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Ranbir stuns Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Ranbir stuns Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Ranbir stuns Rhea Prachi states that Rhea isn’t pregnant, the test results are wrong, Rhea might have changed the samples or done something that the results got compromised. Rhea asks her not not to challenge her again. She declares that she is ready to undergo the tests once again. She tells that if Prachi doesn’t apologize to her in front of everyone, then she will leave the house. She compels Pallavi to make Prachi apologize. Ranbir and Rhea get into an argument when he shows his faith on Prachi. He tells Rhea that he has complete faith on Prachi, he trusts her and her words, he doesn’t care about the truth of her baby’s father, because he just loves Prachi.

Earlier in the show, Sid alerts Prachi. He tells that she will have to fight to bring the truth out, she has to keep the family along, Rhea is making Pallavi against her. He asks her not to increase her enemies, say sorry and end the matter, take this as a part of a game, Rhea will soon make a mistake and then Prachi can tackle her. Prachi agrees to say sorry to Rhea.

Pallavi assures that she/Rhea will always be Ranbir’s wife for the family. She wants to take care of Rhea well. Aaliya asks Rhea is she okay now. She tells that Pallavi will clear all their doubts. Pallavi tells that Prachi will apologize to Rhea. Sid asks Pallavi to go to meet Prachi. Pallavi rushes. Rhea threatens Sid. Pallavi and Aaliya ask Prachi to apologize to Rhea for doing wrong with her. Prachi apologizes to Rhea in front of the entire family. Aaliya insults Prachi for carrying Sid’s child.


Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Ranbir stuns Rhea:

Aaliya taunts Prachi about Sid’s baby. She tells that she doesn’t need to name the father of Prachi’s baby. Dida asks her to keep quiet. Aaliya yells that she is just speaking the truth. Dida tells that Prachi is feeling hurt by her words. Pallavi replies that Prachi has put herself in this situation herself, Prachi has challenged Rhea and now she has to apologize to Rhea. She tells that she trusted Rhea, even then she convinced Rhea to accept the challenge just to clear Prachi’s doubt. Prachi tells that she isn’t convinced by Rhea’s reports, she feels the reports are wrong.

Rhea tells that Prachi is creating a drama even after reading the reports. Prachi challenges the reports. She asks Rhea to get the DNA test done again. Rhea asks if she wants her to give Agnipariksha. Prachi insists her to undergo the tests. Rhea agrees to get the test done. She thinks of doing the same thing again and get the results in her favor. She tells that she will accept the challenge if Prachi apologizes to her. She reminds Prachi that she has lost the challenge, she should apologize. She threatens of leaving the house if Prachi doesn’t apologize. She asks Prachi to apologize to her in front of everyone.

Rhea tells that its enough of insult, she is leaving the house. Vikram and Pallavi ask Prachi to apologize to Rhea. Rhea gets her bag to leave the house. Aaliya worries that Rhea might really leave the house. Prachi apologizes to Rhea to stop her from leaving. Rhea smiles happily and makes Prachi apologize again. Prachi apologizes for challenging her and hurting her feelings. She asks her not to leave the house for the sake of Pallavi. She tells that Pallavi likes Rhea, she won’t be happy if Rhea leaves. She asks Rhea not to leave the house. Pallavi tells that everything is fine now. She hugs Rhea.

Aaliya stops Ranbir from going to Prachi. She tells that its proved that Rhea is carrying his child, even Prachi accepted this. She asks him to take care of Rhea. Pallavi also advises him the same thing. Vikram asks Dida not to worry by seeing the daily drama. Meanwhile, Sid reaches Prachi. He feels bad for her. He tells that she did right by saying sorry. Prachi has no problem to say sorry, but she tells that she wasn’t at fault. She wanted Rhea to apologize to everyone for the cheat.

Sid tells that they will bear the fruit of their plans soon. Sahana asks them about Mihika. She tells that she fooled the goons and came home. She asks what happened at home in her absence. Prachi tells that Rhea has proved that Ranbir has fathered her child. Sid tells that Prachi will get upset if they discuss this again. Prachi tells Sahana that DNA report was positive, so she has to apologize to Rhea for hurting her feelings. Sahana tells that they will expose Rhea and Aaliya’s truth, and take revenge. Prachi tells that she will expose Rhea’s truth before the night ends. Sahana tells that Pallavi won’t let them go out. Prachi tells that they will go from the back door. Pallavi stops them to question.

Sid lies to Pallavi about his important meeting with the clients. He tells that he will be soon back, he can’t upset the important clients. Pallavi permits them to go. She asks Prachi not to create any mess. Rhea finds them leaving. Aaliya asks Pallavi about them. Pallavi tells about Sid’s important meeting. She attends the guests. Aaliya suggests Rhea to make Prachi fall in Ranbir’s sight. She wants Ranbir to lose faith on Prachi, then they will get separated. Rhea likes her suggestion. Aaliya tells that a lover can’t tolerate infidelity, Ranbir is still desperate for Prachi, they have to hurt Ranbir’s trust and break their relation forever.

She asks Rhea to use the fact that Sid and Prachi have gone to the hotel together. Rhea goes to Ranbir and tells that Prachi doesn’t care for him and his feelings, even then he is mad for her, maybe just for her looks. He tells that he loves Prachi, not because of her looks, but her heart. She tells that he is blind in love, he can never see Prachi’s true face. She claims that she loves him and can’t see him getting cheated, Prachi doesn’t love him. He shouts that Prachi loves him. She tells that Prachi is carrying Sid’s child, this is her love, she is marrying Sid. He tells that Prachi won’t marry Sid, he knows this well, he is waiting for her to come and say this, nobody can separate them.

He doesn’t care about her baby’s father, because he just loves Prachi. Rhea tells that he has gone totally blind in Prachi’s love. She asks him to realize, Prachi doesn’t love him. She tells the truth that Prachi will spend her life with Sid. She asks him to remember, Prachi will ask him for his money, he will go bankrupt by giving his everything to Prachi. He calls her mad. She asks him to follow Prachi and go to check the truth. She tells that Prachi and Sid have gone to the hotel together, just to have a pre-marriage romance. He asks her to stop her dirty words. She asks him to see Prachi and Sid leaving together, they have told Pallavi about their international client meeting, it’s a clear lie, manager has confirmed this fact. Ranbir gets speechless. Rhea fills his mind with a new doubt.

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