Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update Ranbir flickers

Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update Ranbir flickers

Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update Ranbir flickers Rhea creates a new havoc in Prachi’s life by instigating Ranbir. She tells Ranbir that Prachi is not loyal to him, Prachi doesn’t want to wait till the marriage functions happen, she has gone with Sid to spend some romantic time with him with an excuse of a meeting. She tells that Prachi and Sid have made up their minds that they won’t wait to come together until their marriage. Ranbir feels hurt hearing such bad things about Prachi. He wants to shut his ears, but Rhea’s words echo in his mind.

Rhea tells him that he should go to the hotel and check himself if Prachi and Sid aren’t in the hotel room together, where no office meeting is going on. She asks Ranbir to catch them red-handed. Ranbir doesn’t answer Rhea, and makes a leave. Rhea expects him to go to the hotel. Will Ranbir suspect Prachi’s character once again and commit another mistake? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir doesn’t care about Prachi’s baby’s father, because he just loves Prachi. Rhea tells that he has gone totally blind in Prachi’s love. She asks him to realize, Prachi doesn’t love him. She tells the truth that Prachi will spend her life with Sid. She asks him to remember, Prachi will ask him for his money, he will go bankrupt by giving his everything to Prachi. He calls her mad. She asks him to follow Prachi and go to check the truth. She tells that Prachi and Sid have gone to the hotel together, just to have a pre-marriage romance. He asks her to stop her dirty words. She asks him to see Prachi and Sid leaving together, they have told Pallavi about their international client meeting, it’s a clear lie, manager has confirmed this fact. Ranbir gets speechless. Rhea fills his mind with a new doubt.


Sid checks the car. Prachi asks if they should leave in any other car. Sid asks her to give some time, he will fix it. He fixes the car. Sid and Prachi get into a moment, when her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. Ranbir happens to see them together. He fumes in anger. Rhea gets happy that her plan worked. She wants Sid’s sweet and caring gesture to create a misunderstanding in Ranbir’s mind. Sid and Prachi leave. Rhea asks Ranbir is he feeling jealous again. She tells that Prachi and Sid have come close, they are marrying now, they have much love between them. She wishes them to unite soon.

She asks him to wish the same for the lovers. Ranbir recalls his moments with Prachi. He remembers his promise that he will not let Prachi get separated from him. He tells Rhea that he will talk to Prachi, she can never lie to him. He wants to catch her red-handed and question her. He thinks to see how she denies the blame. He leaves in the car. Rhea misses out to go with him. Sahana also gets inside Sid’s car. They leave to reach the hotel and find out Mihika. Ranbir calls the manager and cross checks about the client meeting. He tells that if Rhea has said the truth this time, then he will kill Sid for sure. He doesn’t want to get blind in love.

Rhea calls him and asks him to come home, else he will humiliate himself. She tells that Prachi and Sid are shameless, they will insult him. She adds that she can’t see him getting hurt. She asks him to come back home. He tells that he is following them, he can’t come back. Rhea instigates him further. She is happy thinking what he will do of Prachi. She has made Prachi apologize. She tells that Ranbir will vent out his anger on Prachi, both Ranbir and Prachi will be in pain. She wants to inform Aaliya about her successful idea. She calls Aaliya.

She tells that they are winning, Ranbir is too angry, he has gone after Sid and Prachi to catch them red-handed. Aaliya tells that she is in a mess right now, she will talk to her later. Rhea asks her what’s the matter. She tells that she has to speak to the goons, who got against her. She wants to see Mihika, who is also at the hotel. She adds that the goons are blackmailing her. She wants to meet them and handle things. Rhea wants to get flawless happiness. She wishes Prachi gets married to Sid soon. She tells that she will soon dance with joy.

Aaliya reaches the hotel and meets the goons. She beats the goon and asks him how dare he try to sell Rhea. Goon points gun at her and asks her to mind her actions. He tells that he was helpless to arrange money. He demands the money. She tells that she won’t give any money. He blackmails her. He tells that he will tell the police about her. He adds that he has Mihika’s statement in the video, he will get Aaliya arrested. Aaliya slaps the goons. She tells that he will get the money, but he should pray that they don’t meet again. She goes to arrange the money. Sid tells that the hotel looks good. Prachi asks him not to give rating to the hotel, they didn’t come to stay there. Ranbir is stuck in the traffic.

He loses track of Sid’s car. He thinks of going to the hotel directly and find them. Goons don’t know if Aaliya will give them money or not. Goon asks Mihika to stop making noise. He threatens her. Aaliya comes back to get her phone. She sees Mihika. Goon tells that Mihika is alive, because they know her real price. Aaliya tells that she will not leave Rathi, who cheated her. Rathi reaches them and tells that he is loyal to just the money. She tells that she won’t spare him for double crossing her. Sid, Prachi and Sahana look for Mihika. They see Aaliya and hide from her. Ranbir also reaches the hotel.

He asks about Sid’s room number. He flirts with the receptionist to get the details. She tells that Sid and Prachi didn’t come, they aren’t here. He still uses his charm to get her help. She tells that there is no booking on their names. Ranbir also checks the register. He doesn’t find their names. He thinks to check other nearby hotels. Prachi tells Sahana that they can’t talk aloud. Sahana doesn’t want tension. They hear the goons talking inside the room. They think if Aaliya is still dealing with the same goons who kidnapped Rhea. They hide from the goons. Sahana misleads the goon to save Prachi. Prachi tells that they will go inside and rescue Mihika. She gets an idea.

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