Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Point zero

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Point zero

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Point zero Ranbir confronts Prachi for marrying Sid, when she always shows concern for him. He feels hurt recalling Rhea’s words that Prachi is fooling him. He doesn’t want to leave Prachi alone at the old spooky house. He wishes that she marries Sid and gets away from his life, instead playing with his emotions. He also assumes that she is after his money, just to secure Sid and her future after marriage. He gets totally brainwashed by Rhea. Prachi has confessed to her before that she doesn’t want to marry Sid, because she loves Ranbir.

She doesn’t want to state the same thing again, when she finds no faith in Ranbir’s eyes. Ranbir doesn’t leave from the place, being concerned for Prachi. Aaliya makes Rhea hide from Ranbir’s sight, knowing he heard Rhea’s voice. She waits for Ranbir to leave the place, so that her goons can light up the place and burn her enemies. Prachi and Sid fall into grave danger. the story goes in loops, and leads nowhere. Ranbir and Prachi’s issues sustain forever.


Earlier in the show, Prachi takes a rod to hit him. Sahana asks her to stop, because the man isn’t moving from his place. She switches on the lights. They find Sid tied up. They help Sid. Sid tells that he found Mihika, but the masked man took her away. He regrets that he failed to save his sister. he asks about Ranbir. Prachi tells that she doesn’t want to talk about Ranbir. She keeps her focus on Mihika. Aaliya asks Rhea to sit in the car quickly. She asks the goons to push the car. She sees Ranbir coming outside and runs to hide. Ranbir doesn’t think Rhea is there. Aaliya wants Ranbir to just leave from the place.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Point zero:
Rhea understands why Aaliya asked her to move the car behind, because Ranbir would have seen them. Aaliya tells that Ranbir always comes in the wrong place at the wrong time, he should leave else their plan will get stalled. Ranbir thinks he imagined Rhea’s voice. Aaliya asks Rhea to not go in front of him. She tells that Rhea can’t tell anything to Ranbir. She stops Rhea. Sahana asks Prachi why is she so angry, didn’t she like the place or the dim lights. Prachi asks her to say that the interiors aren’t good.

Sahana tells that she doesn’t know what’s in her heart. Prachi feels everyone talks madly on coming to this strange place. She tells her that Ranbir followed her and came to ask her if she has come with Sid to spend quality time, he was doubting her when he boasts of his love, he has no faith on her. Sahana tells that Ranbir has insecurities. She asks Prachi to clear to Ranbir about Sid. She tells that Ranbir might be jealous. She asks Prachi to understand Ranbir’s feelings. Prachi tells that love brings in faith in a relation, he should have trusted her, he is suspecting her. Sahana asks will she fight with him now. Prachi tells that she doesn’t care for Ranbir.

Aaliya tells that she gets a headache because of Rhea’s impatience. Rhea tells that she loves Ranbir and can’t see him burning to death. Aaliya tells that nobody is going to kill Ranbir. Rhea tells that if Prachi doesn’t die, then Ranbir and she/Rhea won’t come close, but she can’t live without him, nothing should happen to him. She adds that once Mihika is found by Prachi, then all of them will come out. She asks the goon not to speak in between. Aaliya asks her to relax and talk to the goons well. Rhea tells that the goons are angering her. The goon finds her crazy.

Aaliya asks him if he has a way to bring Ranbir out. He tells that he will hit Ranbir’s head and faint him down. Rhea asks how dare he say that. She threatens to beat him if he dares touch Ranbir. Aaliya asks them not to fight. She tells that they will faint down everyone, goons can get Ranbir out and burn the others. Rhea likes her idea and hugs her. Aaliya tells that she is changing according to the world. Ranbir sees a masked man with Mihika. He finds Mihika captive. He shouts Mihika. The masked man sees him. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t need to hide now. He asks Mihika why does she always fall in trouble.

He tells that he will take Mihika with him. The masked man scares him with a knife. Ranbir asks him to throw his anger and knife also, try to change himself and his life. He fights the masked man. He tries hard to free Mihika from the ropes. Mihika screams to alert Ranbir of the attacker. Prachi, Sid and Sahana hear Mihika’s scream. They rush to save Mihika. They hear Ranbir screaming in pain. They get worried. Aaliya and Rhea also worry for Ranbir. Ranbir doesn’t get stabbed. He gets saved. He tells that he was really scared for his life. Sid asks Mihika to come with them.

Ranbir asks Prachi doesn’t she worry for him. He gets angry that nobody cares for him. He calls them hopeless. Prachi asks him not to do any drama, she came running to save him. Ranbir asks the goon to kill him, he will see if anyone cries for him. Ranbir assists the goon unknowingly. He behaves stupid. They get late in the nonsense talks. The goons reach there and take everyone captive. They use chloroform to faint them down. Aaliya and Rhea ask them to bring Ranbir out. The goons put Ranbir in the car. Rhea tells that Prachi will burn to ashes, she won’t come between them again.

Aaliya blesses them. She finds the matchbox and runs to give it to the goons. Ranbir gains consciousness. Rhea doesn’t see him opening his eyes. The goons pour the kerosene. Aaliya stops them from putting the kerosene over the bodies. She tells that the police might find out that it’s a pre-planned murder. She wants it to appear like an accident. She asks them to pour the kerosene around the bodies. She lights the matchbox to burn up the place. Rhea sees the fire and smiles. She wants Prachi to die. Ranbir gets to see Rhea from behind. Rhea hugs Aaliya happily.

She tells that Aaliya has made it possible, now her dreams will fulfil, everything is working in their favor. Aaliya calls her lucky charm. Goon demands the money. Aaliya tells that she will pay him the money. Rhea asks her to pay the money and send them off. Aaliya asks them to come with her to the car, and take the money. Rhea stays with Ranbir, and kisses him with love. She tells that everything is good, they are going to be one soon. She doesn’t find the car keys. She goes to Aaliya to get the keys. She hopes Ranbir stays unconscious till she comes back.

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