YRKKH 9th December 2022 Abhi opposes Akshara’s pregnancy

YRKKH 9th December 2022 Abhi opposes Akshara's pregnancy

YRKKH 9th December 2022 Abhi opposes Akshara’s pregnancy Abhimanyu gets worried for Akshara knowing she left the music recording due to her sickness. He wants to know what’s the reason for it. Harsh tells Akshara that Abhimanyu is too worried for her, he might not handle the news, his reaction can’t be guessed. Akshara tells that she isn’t worried about his reaction, no matter how he reacts, its an important moment of their lives. She wants to share the news with him. She tells that she wants to tell Abhimanyu about their coming baby, Abhimanyu has the first right to know. Harsh asks her to consult a specialist first and then get a second opinion which will be a confirmation to inform Abhimanyu.

Akshara still doesn’t want to hide the truth from Abhimanyu. Akshara and Abhimanyu meet at home. Before she could say anything, she gets to see Abhimanyu’s immense concern for her. Akshara asks her where did she go that she didn’t take his calls. Manjiri tells her that Abhimanyu was so worried for her and called home many times. Akshara gets a wonderful hint from the fate when she finds a peacock feather in Abhimanyu’s pocket. She thinks it’s a sign that they will soon become parents and welcome their Kanha.


She takes Abhi to give him the good news in a unique way. She chooses poetry to give hint to Abhimanyu about her pregnancy. She tells him that a new member is going to come in their family. Abhimanyu refuses to welcome the baby, who could cost Akshara’s life. He fixes an appointment for the abortion procedure, just to safeguard Akshara. He tells her that he can’t take any risk when its about her life. Akshara refuses to abort the baby, while Abhimanyu stays adamant to secure Akshara. He tells that everything will be destructed if anything happens to her.

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