YRKKH Written Update 9th December 2022 Major twist

YRKKH Written Update 9th December 2022 Major twist

YRKKH Written Update 9th December 2022 Major twist Akshara fears of losing her child if she tells Abhimanyu about her pregnancy. A new challenge begins for Akshara and Abhimanyu. Akshara decorates the entire room with peacock feathers, because Abhimanyu and she got peacock feathers as a sign of her baby’s coming. She draws puppets on their thumbs and tells the good news that soon their little baby will be coming. Abhimanyu is happily amazed to know the good news, but his fear overpowers his mind. He is afraid because of the complications in Akshara’s pregnancy. He tells her that he wasn’t prepared for getting this pregnancy news, he was preparing his mind that they can’t become parents.

He asks her how did she get pregnant, what would they do now, they both want a child, but the child will snatch her from him. He tells that he can’t lose her. She asks him to relax and breath. She understands his fears. She tells that they get so busy in planning the life, but life plans something for them itself. She adds that she is pregnant and now they shouldn’t get any doubt on their mind. She asks him to accept the truth. She tells that she can’t lie, she is also scared that her life and her baby’s life have fallen in risk, now the pregnancy has began and they can’t do anything. She hugs him.


She tells that even she had accepted the truth, they can never become parents, but now they have to delete that sorrow and make a new happy start. She tells that they will plan to speak to a good doctor, they had accepted the sorrowful situation and thought they both are just perfect for each other, but Kanha has heard their prayers and gifted them a child to make them more perfect. She asks him not to refuse to Kanha’s child, its better if they leave things to Kanha. She tells that everything will be okay.

Abhi kisses her and apologizes for not supporting her decision. He tells that he can’t support her. She asks him to take time and think, he worries for her but they can’t do this, they have become parents now and now they have no option than to accept it. He tells that her condition is complicated, its risky for her, the situation didn’t change for her, they can’t waste time. He doesn’t want any risk for her life. She tells that they will talk later, he should take time and think. He refuses to him. She tries hard to explain him. She asks him to please listen to her, she won’t ask him anything in her entire life.

Abhimanyu tells that her life isn’t only of her, if anything happens to her, then he will die, his life, family and breath, its all related to her. Manjiri also explains him to not neglect Akshara and her feelings. She tells him that she also faced the complications at the time of Abhimanyu’s birth, she kept the faith and everything got okay. Abhimanyu tells that they can’t take a big risk with Akshara. Manish reaches Abhimanyu and tries to understand his fears. Suwarna and Manjiri support Akshara’s decision of keeping the baby. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to abort the baby.

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