Anupama 10th December 2022 Upcoming Anuj’s ultimatum

Anupama 10th December 2022 Upcoming Anuj's ultimatum

Anupama 10th December 2022 Upcoming Anuj’s ultimatum Samar gets upset when Leela disrespects Dimple. She asks him to stay away from Dimple. Samar tells that Dimple works with him, he is just talking about his work. Vanraj asks him to not misunderstand Leela. Samar tells that there are many things to discuss, dance is their passion and profession. Leela tells that no girl will marry him if he goes out with such a girl. Samar tells that it was her bad fate, it was an accident, why should they get ashamed of the accident. He doesn’t care for his marriage. He asks her not to blame Dimple for the accident. Leela asks him not to refuse for marriage.

Samar asks her to say it today, what’s on her mind. Vanraj gets enough of the fights. Anupama asks Anuj why is he appearing worried. Anuj gives the bad news that he lost the project, his reputation is at stake, he isn’t worried because of Adhik, he was distracted and didn’t pick the right people to team up for the project. He tells that he was so lost in the family matters, he feels guilty for the huge loss. Anupama feels sorry for Anuj. He tells that he will not take the loss again, his professional life shouldn’t get disturbed because of his personal life, he has to take charge again.


Barkha tells that Anuj is frustrated about so many things, not just business, he needs to calm down to fix the things. Anupama decides to keep Anuj away from the family matters. Anuj asks Anupama is she upset. She tells that he should have not talked to Pakhi like that. He tells that Pakhi is related to him as well, but she feels Pakhi is her responsibility. He reminds their responsibility towards Anu. He tells that they had to prepare Anu for the Christmas party at her school. Anupama tells that she remembers it. He tells that he has done all the preparations, he was just trying to lessening the burden, but she is habitual to take all the load on her shoulders always. He asks her to handle it, he will not come between Anupama and her responsibilities. Anuj gets annoyed with her.

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