Kumkum Bhagya Prachi Sid wedding 14th December 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi Sid wedding 14th December 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi Sid wedding 14th December 2022 Prachi is happy that Ranbir has finally come home. Ranbir grows insecure after seeing Sid with Prachi. He doesn’t want to talk to Prachi until she gives him a reply to his question. He wants to know about Prachi’s outing with Sid. Things get more tough for Prachi when Rhea begins to defeat her in the challenge. Ranbir also sides with Rhea to make Prachi jealous. Ranbir still suspects Prachi of having an affair with Sid. He wants Prachi to come up and deny the affair. Prachi is helpless to hide the truth so as to save Mihika’s life from Aaliya’s goons. Prachi decides to not justify anything and prove her innocence to Ranbir again. She thinks of shocking Ranbir by stating that she will marry Sid. Sid and Prachi’s marriage news shocks Ranbir. Will Prachi really marry Sid? Keep reading.

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Vidhi tells Hariprasad that she doesn’t have an affair with Dev. He gets a lot of relief. Vidhi confesses her feelings for Dev. She says that her feelings are pure, like worship. She finally reveals her feelings to her family. She tells them that they don’t need to feel any shame about their relationship. She admits that she loves Dev. Her family is stunned to learn of Vidhi’s love for Dev. Vidhi gets rebuked by the family. Urmila mocks Vidhi. Hariprasad gets dizzy. He feels Vidhi has insulted him. He gets an attack and faints. The family rushes him to the hospital. Vidhi weeps, feeling guilty for his state. They learn that Hariprasad has suffered a heart attack. Vidhi reaches the hospital to see him, but her mother stops her from meeting him. Dev reaches the hospital and asks about Hariparasad. Vidhi’s mom says that Hariprasad will be fine if Dev leaves their sight. Vidhi and Dev face much criticism for their odd pairing.



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