Udaariyaan 12th December 2022 End of Ekam Nehmat

Udaariyaan 12th December 2022 End of Ekam Nehmat

Udaariyaan 12th December 2022 End of Ekam Nehmat Ekam asks Nehmat to marry Advait. He doesn’t want her in his life. He asks her to just get lost. Nehmat shatters with his decision. Satti calls her and informs about Naaz’s suicide attempt. She asks Nehmat to come back quickly. Jasmin is proud that Naaz is threatening the family. Satti tells Naaz that Nehmat is coming. Nehmat comes back to save Naaz. Naaz asks Nehmat to agree to marry Advait. Jasmin knows Naaz’s drama and stays relaxed. Nehmat breaks the window to save Naaz. She stops Naaz from committing suicide. Naaz tells that she has gone mad, she has to marry Nikhil at any cost, she can’t live without Nikhil.

Shelly asks Nehmat to just agree to marry Advait. Nehmat recalls Ekam’s rejection and agrees to marry Advait, being compelled by Naaz. Naaz gives her decision to the family. Rupy doesn’t believe this. He thinks the family has forced Nehmat. Shelly tells that Nehmat has agreed by her will. Shamsher asks Rupy to get both the girls married to his two sons without wasting any time. Rupy goes to ask Nehmat about her decision. Naaz tells that Nehmat has agreed for their respect. She asks Nehmat not to change her decision.


Advait tells Shamsher that Nehmat loves Ekam. Shamsher asks him to win Nehmat’s heart and wipe off Ekam’s name from her heart. Advait doesn’t know why did Nehmat do this, when she wasn’t compelled. Rupy tells that Nehmat is sacrificing herself to save his respect and Naaz’s future. He doesn’t want Nehmat to ruin her life. He tells that he won’t let her follow Tejo’s footsteps. Nehmat tells that she isn’t under any pressure. He asks her the matter, else he will call Ekam. He asks how can she leave Ekam and marry someone else.

Nehmat tells that she has moved on now. She asks him to just support her in saving Naaz’s life. Jasmin explains the bride swapping plan to Shelly. She asks Shelly to bring Nehmat to Nikhil, and Naaz to Advait. She wants Naaz to marry Advait, who has the power in his hands. Shamsher forces Advait for the marriage for the sake of his political career. Ekam and Nehmat think of each other and cry in pain. Mallika consoles Ekam.

Reviewed Rating for Udaariyaan 12th December 2022 End of Ekam Nehmat: 2/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section.


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