Kundali Bhagya 20th December 2022 Written Update Rishabh’s plan

Kundali Bhagya 20th December 2022 Written Update Rishabh's plan

Kundali Bhagya 20th December 2022 Written Update Rishabh’s plan Rishabh comes home and meets Preeta. He tells her that he will take funds from the market to buy that land, he will handle everything. She tells that she trusts him, she is tensed that Arjun is coming close to them. She feels scared for Kavya. She tells that Arjun is influencing the police and getting the police on his side, he wants to dismiss the restraining order, he told Kavya that very soon he will stay with her all the time. She doesn’t know what does he mean. She feels scared. Rishabh asks her not to feel scared, nothing will happen to Kavya, Arjun is just planning ahead. She tells that they should also plan ahead of Arjun.

He tells that he has decided to send all of them to his relative’s place, so that he has no fear of losing them. He wants to become fearless and focus on Arjun well. Preeta doesn’t know if the idea is right or wrong. She tells that she will stay back, she won’t leave him alone and go. He asks her to understand, else who will take care of Kavya. She tells that Kavya has the entire family, Rishabh will be alone, she is his wife, she will be with him and be his support. He tells that he will get happy if she is safe, she will always be with him. He requests her to listen to him for the sake of everyone’s safety. He adds that he will break Arjun’s pride and also end his madness. He wants her to trust him. She agrees to him.


On the other hand, Karan shouts on his manager. He wants all the bank information to target Rishabh. The manager tells that his private investigator has come. Karan says he is too busy to meet him. Manager goes to inform the man about Karan. The man barges to meet Karan. Karan yells at him. The man tells that Luthras are shifting Kavya to stop him from meeting her. Karan rushes to the airport to stop Kavya. The family finds Kavya doing the same mischief as Karan used to do in his childhood. Kavya brings a smile on their face. Preeta comes across a strange person. The man stares at her.

He hides a weapon in his shoe. He lies to the police about his accident. Karan informs Anjali that he is on the way. She tells that she got all the information about Rishabh’s banking. He tells that he is going towards the airport to stop the Luthras from shifting Kavya. He’s trying to figure out how to get Kavya. He asks her to book a flight ticket for him. She agrees with him. He tells that he needs something else. Karan speeds the car. He is involved in an accident.

Preeta and Shrishti see the breaking news of the terrorists caught by their Indian security agency. Karan gets help from the people. Preeta comes across the same person again. She tells Shrishti that the man appeared dangerous. Preeta tells that she is feeling something wrong. Rakhi tells that they are leaving their home country because of Arjun. Kavya misses Rishabh. Kareena cheers her up by making some game plans. Rishabh meets the clients and tries to crack the loan deal. Sameer also gets bad news. He tells that all the bankers have refused to fund them. Rishabh asks the men to speak to their higher authorities about the funds. The man apologizes and leave.

Karan tells the people that he has to leave and reach the airport. He leaves his car and runs. Sameer asks Rishabh to relax. Rishabh tells that he has done everything possible to get this deal done. Sameer tells that they will soon bounce back. Kavya calls Rishabh, who hides his tension from her. Preeta and her family also speak to Rishabh. Rishabh tells Sameer that he had to send the family away because of Arjun, he will not forgive Arjun this time. Anjali arrives home.

She claims that Arjun did not arrive at the airport on time and that if he does not board the flight on time, he will be upset. She considers what she can do to cheer him up.She tells Dadi that Arjun wants to go in the same flight as Kavya. Dadi asks her about Arjun and Kavya’s relationship. Karan gets stopped by security. He tells the guards that he has to meet his wife and daughter, it’s super important for him. He learns that the flight might have taken off.

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