Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update News for Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update News for Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update News for Arjun Rishabh explains to Preeta his plan. He tells her that once Preeta and her family go away from the house to a safe place, he will feel more confident and fearless. He takes this step for Kavya’s safety as well. He tells that Arjun will face a new Rishabh. He wants to answer Arjun in his own language. Karan gets informed about Kavya getting shifted from the city. He learns that the Luthras are sending Kavya abroad. Karan is shocked. He rushes to prevent Rishabh and Preeta from sending Kavya too far away. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Preeta tells him that he will never get her, its his bad fate, he is creating a big trouble for himself. He tells that Rishabh is becoming a big trouble for him, this land deal is a big defeat for Rishabh, because the land is constructed over municipality water sources, the land’s half share will be going to the government, Rishabh is in big trouble now, Rishabh was so desperate to win and didn’t use his mind. Preeta and Rishabh are shocked to hear this. Karan regrets that Rishabh got personal. Rishabh asks Preeta to go home, he will finish his work and come home. Anjali learns about Arjun’s victory.


Karan tells that he finds out the land history before buying it, he has learnt this from Rishabh, he has diverted Rishabh by sending the police. He adds that he provoked Rishabh so easily. He wants to get Kavya. He tells that he just wants to see Kavya happy. He regrets that he won’t let Kavya stay away from him now.

Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Update News for Arjun:

Dadi asks Anjali about Arjun and Kavya’s bond. She tells that nobody can love any child to this extent, unless its his own child. She asks Anjali why is Arjun fighting the Luthras, what’s his relation with Kavya. She doesn’t want Anjali to lie. She understands the personal and professional rivalry. She finds their rivalry personal. She asks Anjali to tell the truth. Anjali agrees to tell her the truth. On the other hand, Karan struggles to reach Kavya at the airport. The Luthras board the flight. The attackers are also onboard. Kavya asks for her toy. Preeta tells that she will give it later. Rakhi asks her to hand it over to Preeta. Karan takes a disguise and reaches there to be with Kavya.

He collides with Preeta. She doesn’t recognize him. Kavya plays with the ball. The ball reaches the goon’s foot. He fears that she might see the knife. She runs away to her seat. She tells Preeta that the uncle’s shoe has a knife in it. Preeta doesn’t believe her and ask her to sleep. Kavya doesn’t want to sleep. A man tells that he can show her magic. He shows the magic tricks. Preeta doesn’t want to think of Arjun. Dadi asks Anjali is this story true or fake. Anjali tells that the story is totally true. She tells Dadi that Arjun is really nice, everyone loves him, he would not breathe well unless he knows about Kavya. The manager informs that Arjun boarded the same flight. Dadi happily increases his salary. Anjali tells that Dadi is just saying it randomly. Dadi asks him to take a bonus for bringing the good news. Manager thanks her.

Kavya gets entertained on the flight. A girl is travelling alone. She tells that her parents aren’t along. Kareena asks her to hold her hand and pray. She calls her parents irresponsible. Kavya runs and falls down. Karan helps Kavya. Preeta thanks him. He starts feeling for Preeta. Anjali is happy that Arjun is happy. She tells Dadi that Arjun has messaged her and thanked her for doing his work. Dadi tells that Arjun is engaged to Nidhi, he wants to marry Preeta for the sake of revenge, he is ruining two lives. Anjali tells that life is such, they don’t have a perfect life.

Dadi asks if Rishabh knows about Arjun’s presence during Kavya’s flight, then what will they do. Anjali tells that nothing will be in Rishabh’s control. Rishabh is frustrated. He tells that he won’t lose the deal. He meets a man who gives him crucial information about Arjun. The man tells that Arjun has gone inside the airport to reach Kavya. Rishabh is worried. He dials Preeta’s number. He says that he isn’t able to reach the family. He calls Anjali. She grows worried. Dadi tells that Rishabh might have known about Arjun, he might have hired someone to find out. Anjali cleverly tricks Rishabh.

She tells that Arjun is in the bathroom. Rishabh is relieved that Arjun is at home. Dadi questions Anjali about why he performed this drama. Anjali wants Rishabh to know the facts later. He is glad that Arjun has gone too far from his family. Preeta stays with Kavya. She is asked to sit in the backseat till the plane takes off. She feels scared. She sits beside Karan. She doesn’t find the seat belt. Karan helps her. Unknowingly, she engages in banter with him. Rakhi tells Kareena that she knows the latter is fearless. She suggests her to chant Hanuman Chalisa at the time of take-off. Preeta holds Karan’s hand.

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