Pandya Store 22nd December 2022 Update Shweta returns

Pandya Store 22nd December 2022 Update Shweta returns

Pandya Store 22nd December 2022 Update Shweta returns Shweta returns home to shock the family, who are celebrating Chiku’s homecoming. Shweta puts a notice on the board, that Pandya store belongs to her now. She asks the men to remove the Pandya store board and put the new board of her name. The Pandyas receive a shock. Dhara breaks down and cries. She tells that they should have not brought Chiku home, because they had to pay a big price. Rishita tells Dhara that she would have done the same even if she knew Shweta’s plans. She questions Dhara if she is concerned about the legal papers of Chiku’s adoption. The family members get blaming Dhara and Gautam for their blind love for Chiku. Shweta rejoices seeing the family splitting into two teams.

The police comes to arrest the Pandyas. The pandya brothers try to stop the police. The fake police create a big drama and trouble the family. Shweta plays the same game with them to trouble them. The fake police arrests the Pandyas. They think its real police. Shweta has sent the fake police to break the Pandya store banner. Suman cries, while all the family members turn emotionally. Shweta tells that she has made the entire situation turn in her favor. She takes revenge on them. Shweta later sends the child welfare people to snatch Chiku from Dhara. Dhara cries for Chiku. Shweta reveals to the family that she has written this drama. She pays the men and sends them away. Shweta finds the Pandyas getting angry and runs away. She plots different conspiracies to trouble the Pandyas. Shweta snatches the Pandya store from them and also plans to snatch Chiku from them.


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