Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Shweta troubles Pandyas

Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Shweta troubles Pandyas

Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Shweta troubles Pandyas Rishita accuses Dhara for not checking the legal papers of Chiku’s adoption even once, after getting him from Shweta. She asks Dhara how can she blindly trust Shweta. Dhara tells that she would have never put the family at stake if she knew Shweta’s intentions of grabbing their store. Rishita tells that Dhara is so blinded by Chiku, that she would have still agreed to Shweta’s terms. Shweta shocks the family further by sending the commission officials, who claim that Pandyas have stolen Chiku. He tells that someone has lodged a complaint against Pandyas. Dev defends the family. The family learns that Shweta has filed the complaint.

Shweta wants to sell the Pandya store. She makes a grand entry and shocks the Pandyas. She announces that Pandya store is on sale. She asks for potential buyers to come ahead if they are interested in buying the store. Pandyas are in shock. Rishita tells that they were thinking to do something to get the store back, but Shweta has come to sell the store. Shweta asks the people to decide fast, the store is so good at the prime location, they can get the store for 50 lakhs. She asks them to just grab the Pandya store. The family is super shocked seeing Shweta ruining their esteem. Gautam and Dhara are hurt. They have emotional attachment with the store. They cry seeing Shweta sell the Pandya store. Dhara sells her jewellery to arrange money. She promises to get Pandya store back. Gautam, Dhara and Pandyas stand together to face Shweta’s evil plans. Keep reading.


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