Udaariyaan 23rd December 2022 Written Update Nehmat shatters

Udaariyaan 23rd December 2022 Written Update Nehmat shatters

Udaariyaan 23rd December 2022 Written Update Nehmat shatters Nehmat is shocked to discover her birth truth from Rupy, when Jasmin tricks the latter and makes him admit everything. Rupy is shocked to know that Jasmin is in the city. She tells that she is in Shamsher’s office. Rupy worriedly runs to Shamsher’s office. Jasmin tells Nehmat that Rupy is coming to decide about her life. Ekam tells the senior that he has decided about his life. Senior asks him to think again, they are not allowed to shoot, any innocent person can lose life.

Ekam tells that he has decided to move ahead. He gets the permission to move on. Ekam proceeds to catch Jagga. Shamsher and Advait confront Rupy about the truth, about Nehmat’s parents. Shamsher asks him if Nehmat is a criminal’s daughter. Nehmat asks him to just say it, whatever Jasmin told is a lie. Rupy remembers Tejo’s words. Jasmin tells that Rupy won’t say anything, because he is speechless. Nehmat asks him to speak up, its about her life. Ekam deals with the criminal Jagga. He asks Jagga to shoot him if he wants. Jagga laughs and asks Ekam not to challenge him. He threatens of killing Ekam.


Ekam asks Jagga to kill him. Jaswant wonders why is Ekam risking his life. Jasmin asks Rupy to tell the truth that Nehmat is a criminal’s illegitimate daughter. Rupy slaps Jasmin. He asks her to stop the nonsense. He calls Jasmin a murderer for always killing their happiness. He tells that Jasmin lied to them about Nehmat and left her after birth. He apologizes to Shamsher. He tells that he has hidden the truth from Shamsher, and even his own family. He tells that he is bound to his loved ones to keep this secret, so he didn’t break the truth to anyone. Jagga asks Ekam to fight him if he wants a fight.

Ekam gets beaten up. He doesn’t defend while getting sinking in sorrow over Nehmat’s deceive. Jaswant throws a smoke bomb to rescue Ekam. Shamsher tells Rupy lied to them that Nehmat is Fateh and Tejo’s daughter. Rupy tells that Fateh and Tejo gave Nehmat much love, they never told this truth to anyone. He adds that they made him promise to not tell the truth to anyone, they didn’t want Nehmat’s truth to spoil her life. He reveals that Nehmat is a criminal’s daughter, Fateh and Tejo knew this truth, but Nehmat’s future was important for them. Rupy tells that they shouldn’t care for the truth. He apologizes to Nehmat for hiding the truth from her. Renuka learns about Ekam risking life in a dangerous mission.

Renuka and Mallika panic knowing Ekam is in danger. Rupy asks Shamsher to see Nehmat’s innocence and truth, a person is known by upbringing, not blood. He asks him not to punish Nehmat. Nehmat breaks down. Rupy asks her to forgive him. She angrily runs away from there. Ekam injures Jagga and catches him at gun point. Renuka and Mallika run to see Ekam. The reporters praise Ekam for being so brave. Renuka and Mallika meet him and scold him for risking his life. Nehmat shatters with the truth striking her hard. Ekam asks Renuka not to worry. He wants to clean his dad’s name. Renuka asks Ekam to get married. Ekam doesn’t think he can agree. Nehmat leaves from home in a lost state.

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