Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Danger triples

Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Danger triples

Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Danger triples To prevent one of the terrorists from opening the shipment, the wildlife exporter rushes to the cargo area. He doesn’t want the snakes to come out of the container. King and the other terrorists, however, attack him and knock him out. Dadi insists on going to the police station at the Luthra Mansion to learn more about the hijacking of the plane. She is strongly persuaded to remain at home by Mahesh and Kritika. Mahesh is sure that Rishabh will handle the matter. He tells that Rishabh might have reached the police station to enquire by now.

He asks Bani not to worry, because they can just pray for the family. Meanwhile, Kritika misses her mom Kareena. Kritika regrets that she did not travel with Kareena on the plane. Anjali tells the media that someone very important to her is on the plane as soon as she walks outside the police station. Rishabh arrives there with Sameer and makes an attempt to find out the police’s strategy to save the passengers from the hijackers. He doesn’t get any clear solution from the police.


One of the terrorists searches for the box containing the ammunition in the plane’s cargo. The wildlife exporter awakens in the meantime and alerts everyone to the presence of a crate with poisonous snakes. Unknowingly, the terrorist opens a container, and a snake jumps out and bites him. The terrorists make frantic attempts to contact him while everyone is stunned to hear him scream. Rishabh and Anjali get into a quarrel outside the police station after Anjali claims that Arjun’s life became extremely difficult after the Luthras entered it. She tells Rishabh that Arjun is Karan before realising she was really daydreaming the entire time. The passengers are fearful of what may happen if the snakes emerge out of the cargo cabin and come in front of their sight.

Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2022 Written Update Danger triples:

The hijackers enters the cockpit and threaten the pilots. They learn that the police is freeing the terrorists. King asks them for a proof. He threatens of killing the passengers. The snakes get freed to roam around and pose a big threat to their lives. Karan senses trouble. The snakes start damaging the controls of the plane. Preeta falls in Karan’s arms. The hijacker asks Preeta to sit in her seat quickly. He asks Rakhi is she Preeta’s mother or mother-in-law. Rakhi’s witty reply makes him hit his head. She tells Kareena that she is irritating the terrorists. She doesn’t want the terrorists to know that Preeta is Rishabh’s wife. She conceals Preeta’s identity to protect her.

Shrishti praises Rakhi for her logic. Rakhi tells that she is much talented. King tells that they all will be dying one by one. The snakes spread everywhere on the flight and scare the passengers. Karan grows worried for Preeta and entire family. The wildlife exporter tells that he told them about the snakes. Karan and Preeta remember it. The snakes begin biting the people. Preeta asks them to stay seated and not touch anything. She cries being worried that the snakes are really dangerous.

Even the terrorists get scared of the snakes appearing from every possible side. Pilot tells about the problem in the aircraft. He goes to check the controls. Karan asks Preeta why didn’t she tell them about the snakes before. Preeta tells that she thought Ashok is just making stories. They both argue and blame each other. Karan tells that they can’t do anything now. Shrishti tells that Preeta should have believed Ashok. Kareena tells that Preeta is right.

King asks Ashok to tell him about the snakes. Ashok tells that the man who screamed might have died by the snake bite. He is sure that the snakes will bite people until they find food. King tells that he will talk to the government to get their demands met. Karan tells that if they die, the terrorists will also die. King checks Shambu, who is lying dead in the cargo. He sees the snake and runs out. He stops to get the gun from Shambu’s pocket. King also gets bitten by the snake. He dies. On the other side, Rishabh and Sameer come home. Rishabh hugs Bani to console her.

He tells her that he will soon bring the family back. Kritika tells that she was scared for Bani’s life. She is glad that Rishabh and Sameer came back. Mahesh knows Bani loves and trusts Rishabh a lot. Bani tells that she trusts Rishabh that he will get the family safely home. Rishabh stays with the family as their strength. He finds Anjali at the door. He asks her why did she come. She doesn’t know if he is upset with her. She is tensed. She apologizes to him. She seeks his help. He asks what help does she want. He wants to forget the past. He tells that he is ready to help her. He requests her to forget the past and live in the present. She tells that she doesn’t know any authority. She wants to know if Arjun is safe in the plane or not.

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