Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2023 Written Update Rhea saves Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2023 Written Update Rhea saves Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2023 Written Update Rhea saves Pranbir Aaliya rebukes Rhea for interfering in her plans. She tells that if Rhea had not interfered in her plans, then Ranbir, Prachi and their so-called baby would have suffered. Rhea apologizes to Prachi and Ranbir in the court. She tells that her sorry has no value, because her crime is too serious. She wishes that nobody gets a sister like her. She tells that she wants to see Ranbir and Prachi happy with their little angel. She saves them from the court. Prachi grows emotional. Ranbir is in disbelief over Rhea’s tremendous change. Did Rhea reform for real or faking it to cover up her biggest plan against Prachi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya tells that she didn’t leave a chance for Ranbir and Prachi to get saved. She adds that she will target Ranbir and Prachi’s happiness and then she will kill them. Rhea panics in the office. Ranbir and Prachi visit Aaliya’s office. They look for Rhea. Prachi calls Rhea. Prachi asks Rhea where is she. She tells that she wants to talk about the legal notice. Rhea tells that she didn’t send any legal notice. Prachi isn’t able to hear her voice. Ranbir and Prachi learn that Rhea is outside Aaliya’s cabin. They look for Rhea. Rhea calls Aaliya and asks her how dare she take the legal notice to Ranbir by her name. Aaliya reminds that she got insulted and ousted. She tells that she won’t let Rhea meet Prachi. She makes a plan to kill Prachi. Rhea doesn’t get aware of Aaliya’s plan.


Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2023 Written Update Rhea saves Pranbir:

Ranbir and Prachi look for Rhea and head to Aaliya’s cabin, as directed by Aaliya’s manager. The manager informs Aaliya that Ranbir and Prachi are walking towards the danger, they will get under the shattering roof and lose their lives. Aaliya wants to get the good news. Rhea learns about Aaliya’s plan. She runs to save Ranbir and Prachi. Aaliya wants her revenge on Ranbir, Prachi and their baby. Rhea finds Ranbir and Prachi in the middle of the trouble. She takes a shade to protect them and brings them out safely in time. She asks Prachi is she okay. She hugs Prachi.

She asks Ranbir to hug Prachi and pacify her. Ranbir asks Prachi is she okay. He asks Rhea what is she doing, she has sent a court notice to threaten them. Prachi asks Rhea why did she come. Rhea tells that she had to save them. Prachi asks why did she risk her life. Rhea tells that she is Prachi’s sister, so she had to come. She asks them to meet her in the court.

Later, Rhea arrives home and fights with Aaliya for her sister Prachi’s sake. Aaliya laughs on hearing Rhea’s affectionate speech for Prachi. She yells at Rhea for interfering in her plan and failing it. She warns Rhea to not do this next time. Rhea and Aaliya get ready to visit the court. Rhea wants to forget everything. She tells Aaliya that she is going to take the case back, nobody can stop her. Aaliya counts her favors on Rhea. Rhea asks her not to stop her. She wants to end the problems for Prachi and Ranbir. Aaliya fails in stopping Rhea. Rhea tells that she doesn’t know what’s happening to her.

She is ready to die for Prachi’s sake. She claims it is a blood relationship. She feels love for her sister. She just wants happiness and peace for Prachi. She reaches the court. The case hearing begins. Ranbir and Prachi get accused. Rhea tells that she wants to tell her life’s truth, she is responsible for wronging their lives, her obsession is the reason for all the trouble. She adds that she had lost her senses because of her blind love for Ranbir, she just wanted Ranbir, she separated them and then threatened Ranbir in order to marry him.

She feels foolish to think that she will get his love once she marries him. She tells that she never got Ranbir’s love, he loves only Prachi. She tells the judge that she was going crazy due to her insecurities, then she faked a pregnancy to keep Ranbir in their marriage. She admits to manipulating his emotions; Ranbir never touched her; and she was wrong to torture Ranbir and Prachi. She apologizes to them. Ranbir and Prachi are surprised with her drastic change. Rhea tells that she wishes one thing, nobody should get a sister like her. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi are innocent, they never got divorced.

She declares that Ranbir is legally right. She apologises to Kohlis. She signs the divorce papers. She tells that she has told the truth, she wants to keep things clear legally. Manish claims that despite the fact that Ranbir and his family were present at the wedding, they cheated Rhea.Rhea asks the judge not to blame the family. She withdraws the case. The judge warns Rhea. The family can’t believe that Rhea has supported Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi grows curious to know why did Rhea do this. Rhea tells that she is repenting, she hates herself thinking she has tortured her own sister. She apologizes to Prachi for all her sins and tells that she is repenting for it. Ranbir finds Rhea a changed person. Rhea kindly appeals that she wants to repent her sins and makes a leave from their lives.

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