Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2023 Written Update Abhigya die

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2023 Written Update Abhigya die

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2023 Written Update Abhigya die Doctor informs Prachi that both Pragya and Abhi are dead. Prachi breaks down. Ranbir and Rhea reach the hospital and inquire about Abhi and Pragya. Rhea asks Prachi to speak up, is Abhi and Pragya okay. Prachi breaks the truth that Abhi and Pragya are no more, Aaliya has killed them. She swears that she will get Aaliya punished on the day of Abhi and Pragya’s Tervi. Prachi drags Aaliya to the court for Abhi and Pragya’s murder. Aaliya smirks. She doesn’t realize her huge sin.

Earlier in the show, Prachi cries out for aid. She experiences abdominal ache. She chooses a large vase to use as a door break so she can enter. To save Abhi and Pragya, she dashes inside. Doctor and nurse soon arrive. To check on her folks, Prachi requests. Rhea runs along the street and cries out for assistance. She needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Rhea encounters Ranbir. Ranbir is concerned upon seeing her and queries what transpired. He wasn’t at the hospital, Rhea asks. Is Prachi alright, he inquires. Pragya is in danger, she says. He is ready to take her to the hospital when she requests.


She receives his question. She informs that Aaliya is on her way to murder Pragya. She tells him that in order to save Pragya, she had phoned Prachi. Ranbir promises that Pragya won’t be murdered. She is promptly asked to take a seat in the car. Aaliya leaves the medical facility. Prachi queries the doctor about her parents’ well-being. She experiences abdominal ache. She is curious about how her parents are doing. She promises to hold Aaliya accountable for this atrocity.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2023 Written Update Abhigya die:

Prachi tells that Aaliya didn’t do this right. She doesn’t want to spare her. She asks the doctor to make her parents fine. The doctor regrets informing them of the news. Prachi rushes outside to find Aaliya. She asks Aaliya to face her. Aaliya sees Prachi and thinks its her day to die as well. She speeds the car to knock down Prachi. A man saves Prachi and asks her is she fine. He tells that such people who drive crazily should land in jail. Aaliya wants Prachi and her baby to die. She re-attempts to hit Prachi. Prachi takes an axe in her hand to face Aaliya. She doesn’t want to spare the culprit this time.

She tells that Aaliya has crossed limits this time, she has harmed Abhi and Pragya. Prachi hits on the car with the axe. The fuel tank bursts. The fire gets ignited. Prachi asks Aaliya to see the fire. Aaliya begs her to help her. Prachi tells that this should happen with Aaliya as a punishment. Aaliya gets stuck inside the car. Prachi comes back to save Aaliya. She saves Aaliya in time, before the car explodes. Prachi then instructs Aaliya. She tells that Pragya’s values have saved Aaliya’s life today. She adds that Aaliya will get punished for her crime.

She asks Aaliya how can she kill Abhi and Pragya. She gets the bad news of her parents’ death. She learns that both Abhi and Pragya are dead. Prachi breaks down, while Aaliya rejoices that Pragya has died. Aaliya laughs happily and tells that she has separated Abhi and Pragya. She asks Prachi to tell Rhea who is a loser. Prachi asks Aaliya what did she do, why did she kill her parents. Aaliya grows worried for Abhi. She tells that she didn’t kill Abhi. Prachi shouts that Aaliya killed him too. Soon, the police comes. Prachi asks the inspector to take away Aaliya, she is a murderer.

She asks them to check the CCTV footage and find out Aaliya’s crime. She swears that she will get justice for her parents before their Tervi. She wants Aaliya to get punished. After the police takes away Aaliya, Prachi sits on the road crying. Ranbir and Rhea reach there and find Prachi weeping. They rush up to her and inquire about the situation. Prachi tells them that Aaliya has killed Abhi and Pragya. She regrets to inform that Rhea and she have lost their parents. Rhea screams in pain. Ranbir is also shocked to know this. She tells that she will kill Aaliya. Prachi calms down Rhea.

She tells that she won’t kill Aaliya, they will punish Aaliya in a terrible way, they will get her jailed. Rhea tells that she couldn’t save her parents. Prachi tells that she reached the hospital, but Aaliya had executed the crime before. Ranbir recalls Abhi and Pragya. Prachi tells that she will get justice for Abhi and Pragya before their Tervi. Rhea and Prachi hug each other and share their sorrow. They perform Abhi and Pragya’s final rites. Later, the family mourns for Abhi and Pragya. Ranbir reminds Prachi about the court case. The Kohlis reach the court. Aaliya defends herself.

She tells that she can never kill her brother, she wasn’t in her senses to carry out a crime. Prachi calls it a lie. She tells that Aaliya had told Rhea about her intentions clearly. Aaliya tells that she is innocent. Prachi’s lawyer presents the cctv footage of the hospital room. Aaliya is seen committing the crime. The judge holds Aaliya responsible for the crime and punishes her a life sentence. Aaliya is taken to the jail. Prachi tells Rhea that their parents finally got justice. The sisters sob together. The family overhears the lawyers’ talk. They realize that Rhea has changed her statement and saved the entire Kohli family. They decide to shelter Rhea in their family. Dida blesses Rhea gets true love in her life.

Rhea thanks her for the blessing. Dida tells that Rhea has touched her heart today. She thinks Rhea really wants Prachi and Ranbir’s happiness. Rhea admits that she did wrong to demand Ranbir’s love at the cost of the family’s happiness. She tells that she doesn’t want to live with them, she wants to go far from them. Prachi asks her to stay back with them. Rhea gives her good wishes to Prachi’s coming baby. She asks them to let her go away, so that she doesn’t feel much guilt. The family sympathizes with Rhea. Sahana also believes Rhea and asks her to stay back with Prachi. Rhea tells that their love will stay the same and the wounds will heal if she goes away from them. Prachi sadly accepts her decision.

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