Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Twist for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Twist for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Twist for Prachi Prachi is reminded of the court matter by Ranbir. The Kohlis arrive at courtside. Aaliya stands her ground. She claims that because she wasn’t in her right mind to commit a crime, she could never kill her brother. It’s a falsehood, claims Prachi. She claims that Aaliya made known her intentions to Rhea. Aaliya claims she is blameless. The hospital room’s CCTV footage is shown by Prachi’s attorney. The crime is observed being committed by Aaliya. Aaliya is given a life sentence by the judge after being found guilty of the crime. The jail is where Aaliya is brought. Rhea is informed by Prachi that their parents’ case has been resolved. Each sister cries out at once. The family hears the attorneys conversing. They come to understand that Rhea changed her mind and rescued the entire Kohli family.

They make the decision to take Rhea into their home. Rhea receives Dida’s blessing and finds true love. Rhea gives her praise for the favour. Dida claims that Rhea today touched her deeply. She believes Rhea genuinely wants Prachi and Ranbir to be happy. Rhea acknowledges that it was incorrect for her to put the happiness of the family before obtaining Ranbir’s affection. She declares that she does not wish to reside among them and instead desires to go from them. She is asked by Prachi to stay behind with them. Rhea sends her best wishes for Prachi’s unborn child. To avoid feeling too guilty, she begs them to let her leave.


The family feels Rhea’s pain. Rhea is asked to stay back with Prachi by Sahana, who also has faith in her. If she leaves them, Rhea promises, their love will remain the same and their wounds will mend. Prachi accepts her choice with sadness.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2023 Written Update Twist for Prachi:

Prachi asks Rhea not to go. Rhea asks Prachi not to stop her, because its already tough for her to leave. She regrets that she has lost Abhi. She feels she was wrong about Prachi, who has always loved her. She doesn’t want to lose Prachi’s love. She tells that she has to go away to keep their love. She thanks Pallavi for always giving her true love. She feels sorry that she wasn’t a good person before. She promises that she will not hurt anyone from now. She thanks them for the support.

She apologizes to Ranbir for making his life hell. Ranbir pacifies Rhea. She tells that he is big-hearted and would forgive her, but she can’t forgive herself. She requests him to never hate her. She wants him to always keep their love. Ranbir promises her. Rhea sobs and hugs Prachi. Rhea tells that she isn’t alone, she is taking along many relations and also their love. She asks them to call her when the baby comes in the world. Rhea makes a leave from their lives.

On the other hand, Aaliya gets reprimanded by the police staff. Aaliya doesn’t lose her attitude. She gets into an argument with the constable. Constable advises her to reform before it gets too late. The jail mates don’t stand Aaliya’s temper. Aaliya threatens them. She tells that she won’t forgive everyone, she will take revenge on them. Dida, Pallavi and Aryan have a funny banter. Aryan asks them what’s going on. Pallavi asks Dida to tell it to Aryan. Sahana tells that she has given the dresses to Ranbir and Prachi. He realizes there is some suspense. He asks them the reason for the celebrations.

They don’t tell him. He tells that they are really hiding something. Pallavi scolds him falsely and makes him leave. She hides the surprise thing. She tells that they have planned the surprise for Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi get decked up for the party. They don’t know the reason for the party. Ranbir feels hypnotized seeing her. He tells that she has done a magic on him, he just loves her. They have a cute Pranbir moment. He tells that this love is his life. Sahana breaks their romance. She tells them that they have to go downstairs. She blindfolds them.

The family throws an amazing surprise for Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi loves the surprise. Ranbir thanks them for the surprise. He asks if he forgot any birthday. Prachi asks the special occasion. Pallavi tells them that its valentines day for Ranbir and Prachi, Ranbir had proposed Prachi on this day. Prachi doesn’t remember it. Pallavi tells that she has a proof. She shows the love letter written by Ranbir to Prachi. She tells that its his first love letter. Ranbir asks her not to read it to anyone. Pallavi tells that she got this letter while cleaning the cupboard.

She adds that Ranbir will read the special letter to Prachi, who had no idea about it. Ranbir turns shy. Everyone asks him not to feel shy. They encourage him to romance his wife. Pallavi tells that babies get happy when their parents romance. Ranbir asks them not to judge him because its his first love letter. He reads the cute love letter in front of everyone. Ranbir and Prachi have a moment when he goes on his knees and proposes her for marriage. Pallavi and everyone get happy. Ranbir confesses his love to Prachi. They both have a moment of joy. Pallavi blesses them. They both romantically perform. Prachi feels pain in her tummy. She tells Ranbir that its time, their baby is coming.

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