Imlie 17th January 2023 Written Update Atharv’s confession

Imlie 17th January 2023 Written Update Atharv's confession

Imlie 17th January 2023 Written Update Atharv’s confession Rupali calls the fire brigade and informs about the fire incident. She asks them to come soon and rescue the family. Chini tells her that she is okay, Sundar had gone out to the market. Arpita tells that Sundar didn’t accompany them. Chini worries knowing Sundar is inside. She can’t think of harming him. She panics. Badimaa asks Chini to sacrifice Sundar’s life, because its needed in such big plans. Chini tells that her fight is with Imlie, not anyone else. Atharv and Imlie reach there and find the house set on fire. Chini asks them to save Sundar. Imlie asks them to hand over the wet blankets. Atharv doesn’t want Imlie to go alone. He accompanies her and rushes to find Sundar.

They find Sundar and rescue him. Imlie asks Atharv to rush Sundar outside. She tells that she will come out herself. She asks him to go. She promises that she will soon come. She rushes to the temple. She takes the Sita idol. Atharv brings Sundar outside, much to the family’s relief. Imlie inhales a lot of smoke and collapses down. Atharv realizes that Imlie is still caught up inside. He runs to save her, but is stopped by the dangerous blaze. He finds Imlie stepping out of the house, holding the Sita idol. Imlie stays unharmed. She tells that she is okay. She wins Atharv’s heart. He hugs her.


He promises that he will never leave her alone. Imlie tells that she wasn’t alone, Sita Maiyya was with her. She narrates to him how Sita Maiyya has saved her life from the fire in a miraculous way. The family gets relieved. Atharv takes them to his house. Doctor checks the injured family members, Sundar and Imlie. Atharv grows much worried for Imlie. The family is glad seeing his concern and affection towards Imlie. Chini and Badimaa hide their plan of setting up the fire. They try to stay in Atharv’s house. Abhishek offers them his house. Imlie knows that Rudra won’t like it if Chini stays with them.

Atharv finally asks them to stay back. He tells Imlie that her family can stay with them. He sings praises of Imlie. He tells that he isn’t a bad person, he wants Sundar to stay back until he recovers. He asks Rudra to convince them to stay back. Rudra keeps Atharv’s word. Chini thinks her plan has worked. She wants to be close to Atharv. Imlie realizes that Atharv has stopped her family for her sake. She doesn’t want Chini to hurt Atharv. She thinks to not suspect Atharv. He wants to tell Imlie about Chini’s message and keep her trust. He enquires about Sundar. She tells that he is okay.

He gets nervous while talking to her. He tells that he has done everything just for her sake. She grows happy. He tells that they are good friends now. He thinks to make a confession. She asks did he do this just for their friendship’s sake. He tells that he has learnt it from her to forget own pain and think of others. She asks him if he is still in pain. He wants to tell about Chini, but she doesn’t hear him out. She trusts him, like he trusts her. They land into a romantic moment. Later, Chini tells Imlie that Atharv and she still love each other. Imlie confronts Atharv about his first love, Chini. She gets heartbroken.

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