Kumkum Bhagya New Promo Update Panchi’s death

Kumkum Bhagya New Promo Update Panchi's death

Kumkum Bhagya New Promo Update Panchi’s death Aaliya steals Panchi and leaves from the hospital. Rhea reaches the hospital and alerts the family about Aaliya’s crime. They family checks Ranbir and Prachi, and find them unconscious. asks about her baby. She asks if Aaliya had come. She shouts and asks Ranbir to tell her where is her daughter. Aaliya flees in the car. Prachi blames Ranbir. She asks him why did he leave Panchi alone. She tells that Panchi isn’t with her because of him. He asks her why is she blaming him. She tells that he is Panchi’s father, it was his duty to protect Panchi.

She adds that it was his responsibility, but he left the baby alone. She sheds tears in shock. Sahana and Dida try to calm down Prachi. Ranbir consoles Prachi and tells that they should try to locate Aaliya first. The entire family grows worried for Panchi. Aaliya reaches some godown and meets her goons. She tells that Panchi is her genie, who will fulfil her every wish. She laughs evilly. Ranbir and Prachi learn from Rhea about Panchi’s kidnapping. They rush to find Aaliya and Panchi. Ranbir, Prachi and Kohlis are seen tackling Aaliya. They find Aaliya at the bridge road. They ask Aaliya to return Panchi to them. Aaliya finds no way to escape, and still doesn’t part away Panchi. She threatens them of killing Panchi. She asks them to name the entire property to her if they want the baby alive.


Ranbir is ready to give anything to Aaliya just to save his daughter. Prachi also pleads for Panchi’s safety. She walks towards Aaliya. Aaliya asks them to get away from her. She steps back and stumbles when a rock comes under her foot. She loses balance and falls down the bridge. Aaliya and Panchi fall into the river. Ranbir and Prachi shout out Panchi and get scared for her life. Prachi faints when she can’t handle the shock. Ranbir holds Prachi and saves her. The promo shows the end of one generation. A new story will be written by the fate. The final chapter of the show begins when Ranbir and Prachi lose their daughter.


  1. January 17, 2023 6:24 pm
    So idiotic Prachi blaming Ranbir for panchi kidnapping when Alliya drugged both of them.how stupid Prachi character can get? It is her criminal aunt and sister the cause of her grief and problems,not Ranbir.
    Panchi better be seen with Ranbir than that foolish Prachi
    Then separation is due to that stupid blame game? But yet Prachi still wants Rhea to be aunty after all her crimes,so why blame Ranbir?
    Why the Fack in every facking ektaa serial a child must die or separate from their parents? Just like Kiara story? Before every leap somebody must die or presume dead.why zee tv is showing such shit and crimes? Snatching a new born baby from its parents n letting them become an orphan .wat shit is this zee tv??


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