Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Karan surprised

Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Karan surprised

Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Karan surprised Rishabh asks Preeta if she misses Karan a lot. Given how endearing and loving Karan was, he is aware of her loss. He is honest and admits that he misses Karan and wants him to return, but he is powerless to make it happen. Although he believes Karan has returned as Arjun, he is unable to say this without breaking their hearts. He claims that Karan would never have done this, and that Arjun has greatly damaged them. She receives his apology. He states his desire for her to exercise caution. He recalls how Anjali had criticised him after he had assisted her. He advises them not to cause problems.

She swears she won’t do anything to cause trouble. She promises that she will do what she has determined. He says he also wants to find if there is another side to the truth. He backs her. She smiles as a result of him. Karan’s locket is visible to Shrishti in the image. She hurries to Preeta and presents her with the startling image. Preeta too finds it hard to believe.


Shrishti asks Preeta not to worry and give her two days. She tells that she will find out in just two days, if Arjun is Karan or not. Preeta asks her how will she find out the truth. Shrishti makes a plan to stay in Arjun’s house to reach the truth. Karan gets surprised to see Preeta and Shrishti at his door. He asks them how did they come. Shrishti comes with her bag. He wonders what are they up to. Shrishti cooks up a story to make place for herself in his house. Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2023 Written Update Karan surprised:

Shrishti tells Preeta that Karan’s locket proves it, Arjun is Karan. Preeta recognizes the locket. She tells that two people can have the same locket. Shrishti knows that Arjun doesn’t look like Karan, but his behavior is just like Karan. She asks Preeta to swear and tell her if she doesn’t think Arjun is Karan. Preeta remembers her moments with Karan and Arjun. She tells that sometimes she also thinks Arjun is Karan. Shrishti wants to find the truth for Preeta’s sake.

She tells that they were searching for the truth for Rakhi before, but now she wants to know Arjun’s truth for Preeta’s mental peace. She asks Preeta to give her just two days. She tells that she will find out if Arjun is Karan or not. Anjali checks the CCTV app. She shows Preeta and Shrishti in the feeds to the guard. She tells the guard that he shouldn’t allow Preeta and Shrishti inside the house. She decides to stop them from finding Arjun’s truth. Preeta runs to her room. She sheds tears. Shrishti asks her to share her feelings with her. She promises to keep it a secret. She wonders why is Arjun doing this.

She tells that Karan never stayed away from the family. Shrishti asks if she means Arjun isn’t Karan. Preeta tells that she feels bad when she sees Karan in Arjun, she used to stay away from Arjun, just to stop her growing confusion. She tells Shrishti about their similarity. She wonders if it can be a coincidence. She knows that there is a difference between feelings and facts. She wants to find the facts. Rakhi overhears them. She tells them that they will learn the truth soon. She regrets that nobody is believing her, the family thinks she is in depression and missing Karan a lot.

She also wants Arjun to tell them his real identity if he is Karan. She tells that she wants a proof to show to the family that she isn’t wrong. She asks how can they get a proof. Preeta tells that they can check Arjun’s signature and handwriting to know if he is Karan. She tells that a person’s fingerprints never change, they can get Arjun’s fingerprints and check if it’s a match with Karan’s. She asks by what excuse will they go there. Shrishti tells that they will go to Arjun’s house to return a bag and then fool him. She calls Vishwas to find out if Arjun is at home.

Vishwas tells that he can’t keep an eye on Arjun. He agrees when she emotionally blackmails him. He calls at Arjun’s office to find out about him. Shrishti tells Preeta about Vishwas, who passed the exams because of her. Rakhi tells that she can come with them. Preeta tells that Rakhi gets too emotional seeing Arjun, she shouldn’t come else their plan can get known to Arjun. Vishwas calls Shrishti and informs that Arjun is leaving for home. He asks Shrishti and Preeta to handle the plan, because he is busy on his new job. Shrishti tells that they should leave right away.

Rakhi wishes they succeed in finding what they want. Karan comes home and asks Dadi if any officer has come. Dadi tells that Anjali got a call and she rushed out of the house. Karan gets surprised seeing Preeta and Shrishti. He welcomes them. Shrishti tells that she has come to return his bag. Preeta tells that she guessed its his bag. Karan tells that its not his bag. Preeta and Shrishti pretend ignorant. Dadi asks them to go home. Karan apologizes and tells that an officer is coming home. Preeta tells that she has throat pain, she would like to have ginger tea. Shrishti and Preeta see Dadi’s reaction and asks her why is she hesitant to make the tea. Dadi tells that there is no servant to make tea.

Shrishti tells that Preeta makes amazing ginger tea. She reminds Arjun that he had a cup of tea once at Sarla’s house. Preeta agrees to make the tea. Karan tells that Preeta makes the tea really well, he had it at her home. Shrishti asks Arjun to help Preeta with the tea ingredients, because Preeta isn’t aware of the things in his house. Karan agrees. Dadi feels strange. Shrishti apologizes that they have come uninvited. She pleases Dadi with her sweet talks. Karan assists Preeta in making tea. He remembers their past moments while looking at her. She tries to get his fingerprints.

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