Pandya Store 18th January 2023 Written Update Pandyas split

Pandya Store 18th January 2023 Written Update Pandyas split

Pandya Store 18th January 2023 Written Update Pandyas split Dhara recalls the way the Pandya family broke. Dev asks Gautam to listen to Dhara, but not stop him from leaving. Gautam begs him to stay back. Rishita asks him to have some shame and not stop them now, when he knows about Dhara’s mistakes. She worries for her daughter Chutki. She tells that Shweta can harm Chutki. Raavi arrives home from the hospital. Dhara asks her to explain Rishita to stop. She tells that they won’t stay happy if they split. Raavi remembers Shiva’s health condition. She is angry that he has suffered an internal injury because of Dhara and Chiku. She tells that Rishita is doing the right thing, she should have left the house before itself and saved her family from Dhara. She shouts that the house is cursed because of Dhara.

Krish asks Dev and Rishita not to go anywhere. Dev slaps him in anger. He asks Krish why didn’t he save Chutki from Shweta. Raavi too packs her bags and decides to take Shiva away from the family. She informs Suman that Shiva got conscious. Dhara tells that they should go and see Shiva at the hospital. Raavi warns her against meeting Shiva. She doesn’t want anyone of them to meet Shiva. Suman tells that Shiva is her son, and Raavi is deciding for her. She asks Dhara to leave the house in order to save the family from breaking.


She tells that the problem will get solved if Dhara goes. Rishita tells that Suman loves Dhara and will call her back in a few days. Suman can’t see the family breaking. She tells that she can’t split herself and stay with all her sons in their different houses. Rishita and Raavi oppose Dhara. They don’t want to stay with Dhara. They tell that Dhara doesn’t care for anyone’s happiness. Suman fails in stopping them. Gautam and Dhara ask them not to break the family. They fail in their attempt. Krish feels bad for Dhara. He consoles her.

Dhara angrily slaps him and blames him for all the troubles in the house. She accuses him for breaking the family, much to Suman’s shock. Dhara asks Krish why didn’t he let Shweta take away Chiku. She tells that he should have saved Chutki and let Chiku go. She accuses him that he is totally worthless for the family. Dhara madly hurts his feelings. Krish also decides to leave the family, when Dhara breaks his heart. He threatens of leaving the house. Dhara asks him to leave and never come back. Suman asks Dhara why is she making her sons away from the house. Dhara tells that she didn’t oust them, they left on their own.

She doesn’t think she can keep them together. Suman slaps Dhara for not keeping the promise. She breaks down. Gautam asks Suman not to cry, he is still with her and he will never leave her. Suman tells that everyone left the house. He asks Suman to beat him and punish him for Dhara’s mistakes. Suman beats him in anger. He tells that everyone will come back home after their anger calms down. Suman orders Dhara to keep Chiku out of her sight. She feels Chiku has ruined her family. Later, Dhara is seen spending good time with Chiku. Gautam comes home and sounds upset. Dhara regrets that Gautam got addicted to alcohol. She doesn’t want him to drink. He asks her to stop shedding tears for the family they lost. Chiku doesn’t want to see them arguing. He tries to bring them together.

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