Anupama 20th January 2023 Written Update Maaya’s entry

Anupama 20th January 2023 Written Update Maaya's entry

Anupama 20th January 2023 Written Update Maaya’s entry Kavya introduces Mohit to the family, but Vanraj dislikes him. Vanraj doesn’t like Kavya’s friendship with Mohit. She refuses to abandon her career to please Vanraj’s ego. She asks him to mend his ways. Leela supports Vanraj and wants Kavya to stop working. Anuj and Anupama share a romantic moment. They have a happy time. Later, they learn about Ankush’s illegitimate child. Barkha opposes Ankush’s second family. She tells that she had allowed him to financially help his son, but from now he won’t meet him. Anuj and Anupama are stunned to know Ankush’s reality, when Barkha exposes the latter’s affair.

Leela tells Vanraj that when a husband and wife aren’t happy together, then the husband starts finding happiness outside the house. Kavya leaves for work, irrespective of Vanraj’s opinion. Anupama receives a parcel from Maaya. She tells that its for Anu. Anu checks the parcel and loves the pretty dress. She tells that her friend Maaya had sent the dress for her. Maaya keeps an eye on them. Anuj reads Maaya’s letter and tells Anuama that Maaya is coming to meet Anu on Makar Sankranti.


Anupama wishes that Maaya comes and answers their questions. Anu gets excited to meet Maaya. Anuj and Anupama are seen celebrating Makar Sankranti with their daughter. Anu keeps her wishes. She tells that she wants a purple scarf and also pearl earrings. Maaya buys the gifts for Anu of her choice. Anuj tells that he will buy earrings for her first. Maaya meets them and tells that she has already bought Anu’s favorite things. She gives the gifts. Anu likes all the gifts. Anupama asks Maaya who is she. Maaya tells that she is Anu’s biological mother. Anuj and Anupama are shocked to know about Maaya.

Anupama 20th January 2023 Written Update Maaya’s entry:

Anuj asks Ankush and Barkha if they are joking. He asks them to play the prank. Barkha regrets to inform that it’s the truth, Ankush has a 15 year old son. She doesn’t know what relationship Ankush is keeping with his lover. She has an issue if Ankush wants to bring his son home. She tells that she kept quiet because she had nothing to say, she couldn’t leave him, she had compromised for the sake of Sara and Adhik. Anuj asks Ankush is this true. He asks how could he cheat Barkha.

Ankush tells that he didn’t cheat Barkha, he wanted to divorce her, but she didn’t want to break their marriage. He tells that his lover and their son never asked him any favor, it’s the first time that his son is asking his help, just his moral support, not any financial help. He tells that he can’t refuse to his son. He wants his son to come and stay with them. Barkha tells that Ankush wants to give his name to his son. She doesn’t want this to happen. Anuj and Anupama are shocked that Barkha stayed frustrated in her marriage since the last 15 years. They feel sorry for Barkha, and realize her feelings. Maaya keeps an eye on them.

Vanraj questions Kavya about sharing her family matters with Mohit. Kavya tells that she didn’t share anything, Vanraj spoke to her aloud, and everyone got to know their family issues on their own. Leela asks why did Mohit come to pick her. Kavya tells that she has answered them before. Samar supports Kavya. She tells that Kavya should get Leela’s approval before making friends. Leela tells that she didn’t like Mohit. Kavya asks how can she judge someone so soon. Leela tells that Mohit doesn’t have good intentions. Kavya asks her to trust her at least. She doesn’t care what they think.

She tells that she just does her work, she isn’t wrong. Leela insults her by reminding that Kavya trapped Vanraj, knowing he is married. Kavya asks Vanraj is his thinking the same. She tells that she loved Vanraj, but it doesn’t mean that she can have an affair with anyone. Vanraj tells that he didn’t say that. She is hurt by his behavior. She tells that he also had an affair with her, why is Leela just blaming her. Kinjal too supports her. Vanraj asks them to stop acting helpless. He tells Kavya that he is protective. She calls him possessive. He doesn’t want anyone to touch or hold his wife.

She tells that she knows her limits, she will not change herself, but he needs to change his thinking. She threatens him about their relation’s future. She goes for her work. Leela tells that Kavya has no manners. He asks Vanraj to do something and control his wife. Anupama tells that she can’t believe whatever she heard. She is scared that any such truths can come out and ruin their lives. Anuj calms her. They soon get Maaya’s gift for Anu. Leela tells Vanraj that he may suffer in his marriage and get cheated by Kavya, the same thing can happen with him, what he did with Anupama. She warns him.

Anupama and Anuj check the cute gift. Anu runs and checks her gift. She loves the dress and tells that Maaya has sent it for her. They read Maaya’s letter for Anu. They also want to know who is Maaya. Anu is excited to meet Maaya. Anupama tells that they shall talk to Maaya. Anuj tells that one should make a connection with kids by seeking the parents’ consent. He tells that Maaya can’t enter Anu’s life without asking their permission. Anupama asks him to call Maaya and ask her. He tells that they shall talk to Maaya face to face tomorrow. Anupama wants to get her answers. He tells that they shall hope for a good start.

Later, Anupama and family perform the puja. Anupama explains the importance of Uttarayan. She tells that the festivals connect the people always. Adhik gets mesmerized by Pakhi’s festive look. He compliments and hugs her. Pakhi gets happy on receiving love from him. She calls him amazing that he loves her a lot. She promises to win Barkha and Ankush’s heart. Anupama wishes Barkha and Ankush. Anuj asks them to keep the problems away for a day. He wants the family to accompany him to the Makar Sankranti event. Anu jumps with excitement. Shahs and Kapadias meet at the event. Anupama and Leela get into a heated argument. Maaya makes an entry.

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