YRKKH 20th January 2023 Written Update Major twist

YRKKH 20th January 2023 Written Update Major twist

YRKKH 20th January 2023 Written Update Major twist Abhimanyu gets a smile on his face on hearing Abhir’s innocent talks. Abhir tells that Akshara has made the food with hardwork. He tells him about his efforts in cleaning the house. Abhimanyu likes him. Abhinav wants to express his feelings to Akshara. She treats Abhimanyu like a total stranger. Abhinav tells that Akshara makes the best food in the world. He serves him the food. Akshara finds Abhimanyu falling nervous. Abhimanyu feels out of place. He sees the door, feeling anxious and willing to run away. Akshara too falls nervous that her truth can come out.

Abhimanyu eats the food and gets tears in his eyes. He tells that he already had this food, when Abhinav gave him the food. Abhimanyu finds Akshara’s happy family. He finishes the food in a rush and wants to leave. Abhir asks him to eat slowly. Abhimanyu coughs. Abhir pats his back and cares for him. Akshara grows worried, but doesn’t move from her place. Abhinav asks Abhimanyu about his daughter. Akshara is stunned to know about Neil’s daughter. Abhinav tells that Abhimanyu is the girl’s father now. Abhimanyu tells hat Ruhi lost her father before her birth. Abhinav tells that when life snatches something, it gives something else.


Abhimanyu doesn’t feel he had any companionship in his life. Abhinav doesn’t understand his philosophy. He serves him the kheer and insists him to have it. Abhimanyu finishes the kheer and tells that he liked it. He rushes to the washroom to control his growing anxiety. He doesn’t want anyone to sense his sorrow. He struggles to keep a fake smile on his face. Abhimanyu tells Abhinav that he will leave now. Abhir corrects Abhimanyu’s grammar. Abhir gets the jam hamper. Abhinav doesn’t want Abhimanyu to leave so soon.

Akshara tells that Abhimanyu would have work and should go. Abhimanyu asks them to be happy. Akshara wishes him too. Abhimanyu tells that he forgot to pay the loan. He apologizes and pays Abhinav’s money. Abhinav tells that he can give it later. Abhimanyu tells that he should clear the debts soon. Abhinav asks him to hand over the money to his wife. Akshara thanks Abhimanyu. Abhinav tells that he will drop Abhimanyu to his hotel. Abhimanyu asks him to stay back. He runs out of the house in a huff. Akshara stays alienated towards him. She is relieved that he finally left. Abhinav tells that Abhimanyu is a gem at heart. He doesn’t understand why he looked worried today. Abhimanyu breaks down, on recalling Akshara’s family.

He feels hurt that she has forgotten him completely. Akshara is also upset. Abhir asks her to come to them. She doesn’t want to go away from her happy family. She realizes that the past had come as a guest. She decides to not let the present and future get affected. She tells that Abhimanyu and she will never cross their limits to reach out to one another. Abhimanyu grows restless thinking of Akshara. Abhinav likes the costly gifts given by Abhimanyu. He tells Akshara that Abhimanyu isn’t a bad person, he is big-hearted, he returned the money and also got gifts for them.

Abhinav asks Akshara to put the money in Abhir’s savings box. Akshara stays disturbed. Abhinav asks her if she felt anything bad, she looks worried. He wants to know the reason. She prefers to not say it. He encourages her to say. She tells that Abhimanyu gave more money. Abhinav tells that maybe Abhimanyu has given extra money for Abhir’s sake. He tells that he will return the money to Abhimanyu, he has nothing that belongs to Abhimanyu.

He thanks her for treating his guest well. He asks her if she wants to tell him something. Abhinav counts the money and tells that he will keep the extra money with him to return it to Abhimanyu. Both Abhimanyu and Akshara face an emotional turmoil. She feels sorry to hide the truth from Abhinav. Abhimanyu tells that he has to leave for Shimla, because he has to change his route to his destination. He meets Akshara at a local fest.

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