Imlie 23rd January 2023 Upcoming Imlie questions Atharv’s love

Imlie 23rd January 2023 Upcoming Imlie questions Atharv's love

Imlie 23rd January 2023 Upcoming Imlie questions Atharv’s love As Atharva displays his adoration for her, Imlie smiles. Later, as Chini starts to worry, Anu suggests that she sabotage the friendship between Atharva and Imlie. Imlie accuses Chini in front of everyone after obtaining proof to support her case. Additionally, Chini is cautioned by Rupali to avoid Atharva. Imlie responds appropriately to Chini when she strives to demonstrate her selflessness. Imlie is surprised afterwards when Atharva inadvertently stains her forehead with vermilion. The Ranas participate in a game and the Lohri festival. Chini tries to deceive Imlie by claiming that she and Atharva are in love while the incident is happening.

Imlie and Chini have an argument. Imlie asks Chini is her ego hurt, that Atharv has moved on. Chini tells that Atharv loves her. Imlie calls it a misunderstanding. Chini tells her that she felt she is doing wrong when she texted Atharv. She asks her if Atharv didn’t tell her about the message. She tells that he wants to patch up with her. She creates a misunderstanding in Imlie’s mind. Atharv wishes that Chini doesn’t reveal about their meeting.


He doesn’t want to lose Imlie’s trust. He wishes that Imlie stays his friend as always, Imlie shouldn’t doubt on him again. Chini asks Imlie to believe her, Atharv is giving her much importance because he still loves her. She tells that love can’t be forgotten. Imlie asks Atharv if he wants to talk to Chini. He replies in consent. Imlie tells that she knows he still loves Chini. Atharv is shocked to realize how Chini has manipulated Imlie.

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