Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Leap for Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Leap for Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Leap for Preeran Preeta and Karan are ready to get married. Rakhi, Rishabh, Mahesh and Shrishti are ready to support Karan. They all are happy when they realize that Arjun is Karan. They wish Preeta to stay happy after the marriage. They just want Arjun to confess that he is Karan. Mahesh tells that he will not spare Karan, when the latter comes up with the truth. Kareena and Kritika want to stop the marriage, but they change their decision when Mahesh also confirms that Arjun is Karan. Rishabh gets emotional seeing Karan and Preeta together. Karan isn’t able to tell them that he is their Karan. He doesn’t want to embarrass Preeta and Rishabh by stating the misunderstanding which had filled hatred in his heart for them.

Shambu’s men kidnap Sherlyn, when Prithvi doesn’t pay them the money. Prithvi reaches Shambu’s den to save Sherlyn. He accuses her that he will save her. He goes mad for her. Shambu and his goons catch Prithvi. Shambu demands the money. Prithvi assures that he will get the money somehow. He asks for some time to arrange 10 lakhs. He tells that he will get the money, but asks Shambu to release Sherlyn. He is badly trapped. Even Anjali refuses to pay him the money. Prithvi wants to attack the Luthras and loot them. He also hinders Karan and Preeta’s marriage. Prithvi brings a big twist in the marriage.


Earlier in the show, Rishabh justifies himself and clears Karan’s misunderstanding. He tells that their relation never needed any name, their relation was much bigger than the relation of marriage, it was made by respect, Preeta was Karan’s deposit for him. Karan gets tears in his eyes when he hears Rishabh’s true feelings. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk to him about Preeta. Rishabh tells that he respects Preeta a lot, he can’t see tears in her eyes. Karan asks him to let him go to the mandap. Rishabh also sheds tears. Rakhi compliments Karan and takes him to the mandap. Rishabh tells that he will not forgive Karan if the latter dares to make Preeta cry.

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Leap for Preeran:

Rishabh recalls the moment when Rakhi tells Mahesh and him that Arjun and Karan’s fingerprints have matched. She tells that her belief has won, even they have the same birthmark. Rishabh tells Mahesh that its clear when Preeta and Rakhi completed the investigation and found the truth. He wants to meet Karan and slap him. He tells that Karan has troubled them a lot. She stops him and tells that they will wait for Karan to tell them the truth and the reason that he had hid this secret.

Mahesh also wants to know the reason. Rishabh agrees to them. He doesn’t confront Karan. Back into the present, Rishabh goes to attend the marriage. Prithvi eats the fruits. Sherlyn scares him by reminding him of Shambu’s goons. She tells that Shambu’s goons will come anytime and demand the money. Shambu and his goons arrive. Prithvi runs away from there. Sherlyn gets caught by the goons. Shambu asks the goons to find Prithvi.

He loudly threatens Prithvi about Sherlyn. Prithvi hears this and comes in front of them. He asks Shambu to leave Sherlyn. He tells that he will get the money. Shambu takes Sherlyn with him. Karan gets to see Preeta decking up as his bride. He feels love for her. Preeta sees him at the door. He helps her in adornment. They share a moment. Priyanka asks Anjali to take Prithvi’s help. Prithvi tells that Anjali has to give him the money even if she doesn’t seek his help. Dadi and Anjali get ready to attend Arjun’s marriage. Dadi asks Anjali to stay happy. She asks Priyanka to change her clothes and come.

Priyanka tells that she isn’t coming with them, she has some important work. Prithvi reaches Shambu’s den. He asks about Sherlyn. Shambu shows Sherlyn tied up. He demands 15 lakhs from Prithvi. Prithvi tells that he doesn’t have 15 lakhs, but one crore. He tells that he has a plan, if they execute the plan together, then they can get one crore. Shambu threatens of killing Sherlyn. He shoots at her. Prithvi screams out. Rakhi gets Arjun to the mandap. Karan asks her is she happy with the marriage. Rakhi tells that she is very happy, but she wants to get happier, it will happen when he calls her mom.

Kareena tells that Rakhi doesn’t listen to anyone these days. Bani tells that Rakhi will treat Arjun as Karan. Rishabh tells them that Arjun will hear their scolding if he is really Karan. Shrishti doesn’t think so. Karan thanks Anjali for coming. Bani relieves Shrishti’s tension. Karan sits in the mandap. Prithvi asks Sherlyn is she okay. He is relieved that she is alive. Shambu laughs on their love. He gives a chance to Prithvi to arrange the money. He gets into an argument with Shambu. He asks him to hear her out plan once. He tells that he has a plan, they all have to execute it together, they can earn crores at once. He adds that he will take them to Luthra house.

Shambu refuses to go. Prithvi tells that they will go there to rob the house. Prithvi asks Shambu to help him, Luthras have a marriage function at home. He feels they can easily go there and rob the house. He asks for 25% share for his talent and help. Shambu agrees to make money by following Prithvi’s plan. He asks Prithvi to not do anything wrong. Prithvi asks him to release Sherlyn. Shambu doesn’t accept his condition. Prithvi tells that he will take Sherlyn home tomorrow, she is safe. Kritika asks Shrishti her plan. Shrishti asks what is she talking about. Kritika takes her aside. She tells that they will plan and stop the marriage. Shrishti tells that they can’t do anything. Kritika tells Bani that Shrishti didn’t make any plan. Rakhi gets Preeta to the mandap. Karan looks at his bride smilingly.


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