Pandya Store 6th February 2023 Update Krish Prerna engaged

Pandya Store 6th February 2023 Update Krish Prerna engaged

Pandya Store 6th February 2023 Update Krish Prerna engaged Krish and Prerna get engaged with the blessings of the entire Pandya family. Dhara succeeds to convince Raavi and Rishita to attend Krish’s engagement. Prerna’s parents also become a part of the celebration. They bless Krish and Prerna. Suman is happy to welcome Prerna in their family. Krish is happy that he got engaged to Prerna. He regrets to stay in the Pandya house. He is haunted by Shweta’s bad memories. He has no emotional attachment with the house and the family. Prerna’s mum doesn’t like the cheap engagement ring. She tells that their relatives will taunt on seeing the ring.

She tells that Prerna should have asked them to get a diamond ring. Prerna tells that relations aren’t made by money, but by sincere intentions. Raavi and Rishita aren’t happy. They feel forced to attend the function. Krish is tensed that some drama can occur and spoil the function. Suman plans to stop her children. Rishita tells that they will tell the guests the reason for their coming. She goes to announce that they are selling the Pandya house. Dev asks her what nonsense is she saying.


Suman asks Dev to stop Rishita. Dev rushes after Rishita. He doesn’t want his share in the property, after realizing his fault. Dev decides to stay back and support Gautam. He finds hard to convince Rishita, who clears to Suman that she is leaving after the engagement ceremony. Suman instructs Dhara to bring up some idea to stop her sons from leaving. Raavi makes up her mind to ask for her property share. Suman gets troubled by Raavi and Rishita’s pressure for the property share. How will Dhara stop Dev, Shiva and Krish from leaving the house? Will Shweta and Chutki’s return become a reason for the family’s reunion? Keep reading.

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