Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2023 Written Update Fate calls

Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2023 Written Update Fate calls

Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2023 Written Update Fate calls Ranbir and Prachi come across the terrorists. Before saving their own lives, they rush to save others. Ranbir finds Khushi and secures her. Prachi helps few people and then rushes to find her new friend Kaya. Kaya gets lucky to get help in time. Kaya’s life gets saved. Prachi isn’t aware that Kaya is safe and thinks she is caught up somewhere. She madly runs to find Kaya. Ranbir and Prachi reach close to see each other, but get blinded by the smoke. They have a series of missed encounters. Khushi will become a connecting link between Ranbir and Prachi. Pranbir’s daughter Panchi aka Khushi will bring them face to face. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir reaches there and speaks to Minty. The terrorists throw bombs to explode the place. Ranbir is still worried for Khushi. Prachi tries to locate Kaya. Kaya also gets surrounded by the terrorists. A man alerts her and asks her to run to save her life. Kaya goes with the receptionist and hides. A lady helps Khushi and tries to secure her. Khushi refuses to move. She waits for Laali and cries. The lady tells Ranbir that Khushi isn’t moving. Ranbir tries to pacify Khushi and take her. He asks her not to get scared, he will not let anything happen to her. She tells that Laali will get angry if she leaves from here. He tells that he will speak to her mom. He secures her before the terrorists reach there and kill people. She screams. The terrorist hears her cry and locates her.


Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2023 Written Update Fate calls:

Prachi looks for Kaya and calls her. Kaya asks Prachi where is she. She informs about the terrorists’ attack. Prachi tells that she is okay. She asks Kaya is she okay. Kaya tells that she is also okay, she is with the receptionist. Prachi tells that she will be safe with Megha. She adds that she knows every corner of the hotel, she had sworn to look after the hotel guests when she had worked here before. She speaks to Megha and reminds the oath of protecting the guests. She asks Megha to be strong. She tells that she will come there soon. A lady asks Prachi to save her and also her little baby. Prachi gets emotional on seeing the baby. She understands a mother’s pain.

She tells that the baby is her blood, she will save her and also her baby. She tries to help the people escape. Ranbir takes Khushi with him. Khushi speaks up and gets caught at the goon. Ranbir asks her why doesn’t she understand. He tells that she is just like his Prachi, who was also stubborn. The terrorist tells that he didn’t pull the trigger because his daughter is also of Khushi’s age. He thinks they are father and daughter. Ranbir finds the terrorist getting emotional seeing them. He tells that he is Khushi’s dad. Khushi asks Ranbir is he really her dad.

He asks her to be quiet. He tries to leave, and fights the terrorist who threatens of killing him. Prachi asks the girls to come with her. She guides them the way to exit from the hotel. The terrorists don’t want to spare anyone. The chief calls them and asks them to gather in a room to discuss a new development. Khushi is scared of Laali. Ranbir scolds her and then apologizes. She also apologizes to him. He tells that its his mistake, he is really sorry. She asks him not to apologize. He realizes that she is really sorrowful from within.

He protects her and hides from the terrorists. Prachi asks the people to stay there, she will go and get the master key from the reception. The lady tells that her baby’s life is in Prachi’s hands. Prachi asks her to trust her, nothing will happen to anyone. She goes out. Ranbir asks Khushi to not get scared and stay quiet. The terrorist reaches there and tries to break the door. Ranbir asks Khushi not to make noise. She tells sorry again. She feels scared. He tells that he will save her. He encourages her to fight the fear. He hides her inside the cupboard. He flees from the window. The terrorist shoots at him, but misses the shot. He leaves from the room. He sees Prachi going downstairs.

He throws a bomb there to kill them. Ranbir gets to see Prachi from behind. He also sees the bomb rolling downstairs. Ranbir runs to save Prachi, unaware that its her. He pushes her away before the bomb explodes. They both fall down. A group of people run out of the hotel. Ranbir and Prachi get up. They go different ways to save Khushi and Kaya. Prachi wants to thank him for saving her. The terrorists plan to target the rich family. He asks them to hold rich man hostage. He instructs them to ensure their victory.

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