Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Update Kaya’s madness

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Update Kaya's madness

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Update Kaya’s madness Prachi finds Kaya too concerned for the manager. Kaya tends to like Ranbir. She regards him as family, which is very unusual to her personality. Kaya turns crazy for Ranbir and decides to save his life. Kaya tells Prachi that she can’t leave Ranbir behind and go away to save herself. She feels bad that he got trapped in the mess because of her. Kaya shows her mad side again, that she can kill anyone in an attempt to save Ranbir. Kaya will become Ranbir’s new obsessive lover. Ranbir falls in a bigger problem when he meets the rich businessman Yashvardhan. He tells that he is saving the hotel guests. He assures that he will make a plan to rescue them. Terrorists find Ranbir with the rich family, and decide to employ him in their plan. They attempt to nab Ranbir and compel him to execute their commands. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Inspector asks the media to step back. The girl says you have not controlled the attack. Inspector argues with them. The reporters ask for some proof. Kaya’s doctor gets scared when someone enters the room. Ranbir brings Khushi there. He says we can save here, where is Kaya. Doctor says Kaya isn’t here. Doctor says Kaya pulls negative things towards her. Ranbir wonders where is Kay and her friend. Ranbir finds a way to wipe off Khushi’s fear.


He asks her to take care. He asks doctor to look after Khushi. He goes to find Kaya. Inspector checks the hotel map. He tells that the terrorists shouldn’t know about Yashvardhan. Pallavi and Vikram reach there with Aryan. She wants to know about Ranbir. Inspector makes them leave. Terrorists get to see Yashvardhan and his family. They watch Yashvardhan on he cctv footage. Ranbir meets the bride’s family. He apologizes to Yashvardhan. He tells that they will make some plan to leave from the hotel. Terrorists plan to nab Ranbir because he can be of use to them.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Update Kaya’s madness:

Boss thinks Ranbir is Yashvardhan’s son-in-law. He asks his goon to capture Ranbir and also Singhania family. He commands that they kill the rich people, so that their terror spreads, their work will get easier. Ranbir tells Yash that he has to go out and save the people. The bride asks Ranbir to save her would be husband, who is her love and life. She wants to meet her would be husband. She admits that she loves him a lot, she was happy to get married to Sandy, but the fate cheated her. He asks her to have faith on her love, nothing will happen to Sandy, her love will protect him.

He also talks about his love. He tells that he didn’t lose his love, whenever he closes eyes, his love comes close to him. He closes eyes and imagines Prachi. He gets emotional. He makes a leave. The goon tells his group about the boss’ command. He shows Ranbir’s picture to them. He tells that they should go and catch Ranbir to use him as bait to summon the Singhanias. Prachi goes to help the hotel guests. She gets to meet Kaya and hugs her. She tells that she is glad to find her okay. Kaya tells that she was also finding Prachi. Prachi learns that there is nobody in the room. She fears that they are in trouble.

Kaya knows her good intentions. She asks Prachi to come with her and save her life first. Prachi tells that someone might need her. She runs to save others. Kaya asks her not to be mad. Ranbir doesn’t see Prachi. He reaches there. He meets Kaya and asks her about her friend. She tells that Prachi has gone to save others, she is innocent but strong, she is too sensitive. He tells that he is also saving people with maturity. He is being careful. She asks him not to try to impress her. Ranbir tells that her friend is also like him, they both are saving others, they would look good if they get paired.

Kaya doesn’t like to hear this. She asks him how dare he give her competition, she is perfect, nothing is better than perfect. He asks her why is she saying it. She tells that when she rejects something, others can acquire it. She adds that when she rejects him, he can think of someone else. He tells that she is talking such strange things, she really needs a psychiatrist. She tells that she was just joking. He tells that he was scared, she is talking like a psycho. He sees the goons following Prachi.

He tells Kaya that he needs to go, someone needs his help. Kaya feels something for Ranbir. She doesn’t know why she reacted this way. She tells that she really likes Ranbir. Ranbir reaches Prachi and holds her from behind, to pull her out of the goons’ sight. They both run into a room and get blinded by the curtains. Prachi gets to see Ranbir’s face in the mirror. She is shocked to realize that Ranbir has saved her life. Ranbir keeps an eye on the goon. Prachi gets emotional and sheds tears. He distracts the goon by throwing a vase away. Ranbir later sees a guy hiding there. He worries that he had risked the guy’s life. He attacks the goon and asks the guy to run away.

Prachi also runs away from there. Ranbir doesn’t see her face. He rescues the guy, Sandy. Sandy thanks him. Ranbir hugs him. He tells that he met Sandy’s would be wife, she loves him a lot, she wanted him to return safe, her love has much strength and faith. Sandy realizes his mistake that he thought of not marrying her after their fight. He feels like an idiot. Ranbir tells that life is short, only lucky people get love in their lives, they lose it all in anger and regret later. He admits his mistake that he made Prachi away because of his ego. He tells Sandy about his Prachi.

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