Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Kaya scares Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Kaya scares Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Kaya scares Ranbir Kaya scares Ranbir by showing her psychotic side. Ranbir feels really tensed when he witnesses her evil stare. She relieves him saying it was just a prank. He informs Kaya that he must leave because someone needs his assistance. Kaya has a sentiment for Ranbir. She has no idea why she reacted in this manner. She expresses her admiration for Ranbir. In order to remove Prachi from the thugs’ line of sight, Ranbir approaches her and grabs her from behind.

They both rush into a room, but the drapes blind them. Ranbir’s reflection is visible to Prachi. When she realises that Ranbir has saved her life, she is shocked. Ranbir observes the mobster. Prachi breaks down in tears and becomes upset. By tossing a vase into the trash, he diverts the thug. Later, Ranbir discovers a man hiding there. He feels guilty about putting the man’s life at danger. He assaults the thug.


Prachi also flees the area. Ranbir can’t make out her face. He saves Sandy, the groom. Ranbir embraces him. He claims to have met Sandy’s future bride, who adores him deeply and fervently want for him to return home safely. After their argument, Sandy recognises his error in not thinking of getting married to her. He believes he is a fool. Only the fortunate receive love in their lives, and those who do lose it all to later remorse and rage, according to Ranbir. He acknowledges his fault in sending Prachi away out of ego. Ranbir reminisces his moments with Prachi, unaware that he met her few minutes ago.

Ranbir gets caught by the terrorists. Kaya gets panicking about Ranbir. She just talks of Ranbir. Prachi asks Kaya why is she just talking about the manager. Kaya tells that she is talking about him because she really likes him. Kaya faces an unusual realization of her feelings. The terrorists catch up Ranbir and make an announcement for the Singhania family. They try to summon the rich family by using Ranbir as a bait. They announce that they will kill Ranbir if the Singhanias don’t come to them. Ranbir is unconscious. Prachi and Kaya get to hear the announcement. The terrorist threatens of killing Ranbir by shooting him right away. He tells the captured guy’s name as Ranbir Kohli. Prachi and Kaya get in shock.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Kaya scares Ranbir:

Ranbir tells Sandy that he has lost Prachi because of his ego, he has a long life ahead, but doesn’t have a life partner. Prachi cries recollecting her meeting with Ranbir. She gets Sahana’s call. Sahana asks her is she okay. Prachi tells that she just met Ranbir. Sahana asks why is she crying for Ranbir, is he okay or not. Prachi tells that she wanted to hug Ranbir and tell him about her six year long struggle. She feels a dilemma. She is hurt recalling the bad past. She wants to ask him why he broke her heart and didn’t trust her. She wants to fight with him.

She tells that she couldn’t tell him anything, she wanted to keep him close to her. She is relieved that he didn’t see her. She doesn’t want him to know that she is alive. Sahana asks her to get away from Ranbir. Prachi realizes that Ranbir is alone and may fall in danger. She rushes to rescue him. Sahana wishes for Ranbir and Prachi’s safety. Ranbir tells Sandy that he lost Prachi because of his ego, he just regrets his mistake, he wishes to hug her and never let her go away. He advises Sandy to respect love. He asks him to love his would be wife and respect her. He secures Sandy from the terrorists. He gets caught and beaten up. Sandy gets saved. The terrorists take Ranbir with them.

Sandy reaches the hotel suite. Yashvardhan is worried that they can get caught by the terrorists. Sandy asks Pari to open the door. Sandy meets Pari and hugs her. He apologizes to her. He tells that he got saved because of her love, she had sent Ranbir to save his life. He adds that Ranbir saved him. Yashvardhan gets thankful to Ranbir. Prachi looks for Ranbir. She comes across Kaya. She cries a lot. Kaya asks her why is she crying. Prachi tells her that she met him, he is really nice, he saved her again, he needs her, she has to save him. Kaya asks her not to be mad. She doesn’t understand what Prachi is saying. She tells that they have to help many people. Prachi cries for Ranbir. Kaya reminds Prachi that their lives are in danger.

The terrorists’ boss get to see Ranbir caught. He tells his plan of spreading his terror. He adds that its time to show the people what fear means. Ranbir is tied up. The terrorists call him a lottery ticket and a protective shield for them. Commissioner is worried about the terrorists’ attack. He wants to know who are they and what are their motives. He gets contacted by the chief terrorist. He feels threatened on learning the terrorist’s evil plan.

Commissioner asks him to tell his demands, they can talk and negotiate. The terrorist tells his dream of conquering the world. Vikram and Aryan try to pacify a panicking Pallavi. She asks them to go and get Ranbir. She can’t let Ranbir die. She tells that she will go and save Ranbir. The media informs about the multiple blasts in the city. Vikram and Pallavi are shocked to hear that. Prachi assists the people and sends them out of the hotel. The lady blesses Prachi to meet the person for whom she is crying. Prachi asks Kaya to leave. Kaya refuses to go without Ranbir. She is worried for Ranbir.

Prachi asks why is she talking about him. Kaya tells that she doesn’t like him. Prachi gets to see an incoming call. Kaya tells that police isn’t coming inside. Prachi tells Kaya that it’s a big terrorist attack. The terrorists make further plans. Kaya tells that its time to call someone, who she never wanted to call. Prachi asks her what is she doing. Kaya tries to call. She throws her phone down. Prachi asks her what is she doing, there is no network. The terrorist tells them that they will not get network in their phones. He announces about the person in captivity.

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